Special People always travel in our hearts …


Special People - Relationship - Inspirational Quotes, Motivational Thoughts and PicturesRich People travel  in cars, Poor People travel in carts. But Special people always travel in our hearts.


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10 Responses to Special People always travel in our hearts …

  1. Sharaddha Hunur says:

    hi rishika,
    i am shraddha hunur. saw ur blog.Its wonderful.Even my mother liked it.

  2. Devendra says:

    Hi Rishika,

    I regulary visit ur blogs, its wonderful, ur doing wonderful, everyday i send ur thoughts to my friends in office and they also love it, keep rocking.


  3. rochelle says:

    hi,rishika..i really like ur blog,it makes my day color …more power to you..

    • RJI says:

      Dear Rochelle …Thank you .. We are so happy that you visited and liked our page. Please keep visiting and share with your loved ones… Best wishes

  4. habibu says:

    I am great full for all the inspirationw.

  5. Jaffer says:

    smile. u r good.

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