What is trust ????


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What is Trust?
Trust is like the feeling that a child has , when you throw him in air….
and catch again … and he enjoys it.

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8 Responses to What is trust ????

  1. N G Balasubramanian says:

    Your deeds are fantastic Keep it up God bless you

  2. Rishika says:

    Thank you uncle for your blessings.

  3. rohit jain says:

    good going rishika

  4. Nour Billan says:

    I just love it & feel good when i read it thanks a lot.

  5. Akash says:

    So Sweet

  6. nita says:

    I feel very inspiring ……when i read this fantastic n encouraging quotes……..keep going like this rishika……..

  7. gagan says:

    Vry nice stories…..i really love them…..

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