Choose your friends carefully….


inspirational  friendship quotes, friendship thoughtsChoose your friends carefully….You reveal  your character not only by the company you keep…..But also by the company you avoid….

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One Response to Choose your friends carefully….

  1. nanda says:

    This is so true Rishika. Good for you ,you are learning this truth at your young age. My mom always used to say. I was listening this since my very young age but still sometimes do the mistake or sometimes it’s late to understand. But Let me tell you that sometimes back I was thinking that FB is just waste of time unless you are not in a group of productive people. but i have changed that mindset little bit , somehow FB is an excellent place from where you can understand the thinking and character of people, who I am thinking my friend and struggling one sided to keep the love and relationship. I have realized that the word friend is not a regular word it’s divine. Thanks to FB from where I can filter my and choose my friend.

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