Tears of Joy…. Experience for Life…


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If tears of love, joy, and bliss…..have not washed your cheeks….. You are yet to taste life…..

There are times in our life when our heart just opens up and tears roll down in happiness, when we are truly happy which no words can explain…the experience which cannot be expressed…. the tears say it all…. to give an experience and memories which lasts a life…

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  1. Create-Sun says:

    I have learned that every thought we have is raw creative energy and when you combine this power with positivity there is ‘Nothing’ in life that cannot be manifested or accomplished!

  2. Raj says:

    Really Ilike these quotes.

  3. Chhirag kedia says:


  4. Ayush JAIN Cool says:

    i like yr page its so nice..(y)

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