Six Awesome thoughts for life….


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**** Six Awesome Thoughts for Life ****

Before you talk, LISTEN.
Before you react, THINK.
Before you spend, EARN.
Before you criticize, WAIT.
Before you pray, FORGIVE.
& Before you quit, TRY.

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11 Responses to Six Awesome thoughts for life….

  1. Vivek singh bisht says:

    It jst awesome and nice workIt jst awesome and nice work i like it

  2. dhanu says:

    soo nice and lovely…

  3. shyam narayan shukla says:

    these are very awesome thoughts .I love these thoughts

  4. shyam narayan shukla says:

    soo nice

  5. rahul says:

    Dua ma mujhe yaad rakhna

  6. rahul says:

    Believe in you and your half way is clear

  7. S.VIJI says:


  8. Nilesh Soni says:

    Nice massages

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