A meaningful silence…

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A meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words .

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17 Replies to “A meaningful silence…”

  1. i love your works, and I would like to have your permission to put them on my class as motivational and inspirational quotes for them…thank you in advance…

    1. Dear Ewin – You are most welcome to use the quotes. We have kept the quotes open to all to use and would to spread love joy and happiness as much as possible. A sincere appreciation is all that we want. Best wishes and thank you for stopping by!!!

  2. All the quotes are very nice and inspirational for life.In todays life our children forgets their duties to care for their old parents . I suggest please give some quotes for the youth and young generation to motivate them for the care of their old parents.

  3. Silence and smile are two most powerful tools,
    Silence is a way to avoid many problem &
    Smile is a way to solve many problem.

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