A meaningful silence…


Silence Quotes, pictures, Meaningful quotes, Pictures, Inspirational Quotes, Pictures and Motivational ThoughtsA meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words .

Silence Quotes – Inspirational Quotes, Pictures and Motivational Thoughts

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8 Responses to A meaningful silence…

  1. ewin says:

    i love your works, and I would like to have your permission to put them on my class as motivational and inspirational quotes for them…thank you in advance…

    • Rishika says:

      Dear Ewin – You are most welcome to use the quotes. We have kept the quotes open to all to use and would to spread love joy and happiness as much as possible. A sincere appreciation is all that we want. Best wishes and thank you for stopping by!!!

  2. Jayanthi.L says:

    All the quotes with pics narrated are excellent.Keep it up

  3. shiva says:

    these thought images are very nice that any foolish can inspire from those thoughts

  4. k.divya says:

    all the quotes are excellent.keep it up

  5. k.divya says:

    silent is a beautiful answer for some question

  6. abad says:

    Nice words from nice mind, Love to see more from this kind of mind

  7. Tej says:

    All the quotes are very nice and inspirational for life.In todays life our children forgets their duties to care for their old parents . I suggest please give some quotes for the youth and young generation to motivate them for the care of their old parents.

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