Love Your Parents….

Love Your Parents . Appreciate your parents.

You never know what sacrifices they went through for you.

A parent’s love is whole no matter how many times divided.

We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.

Treat them with loving care for you will only know their value when you see their empty chair.

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34 Replies to “Love Your Parents….”

  1. Parent to Child and vice versa.. Love is real only in the form of mothers with exeptions at some levels, even the pets are loved but not the parents.Vilons of the Love are the ego, growing age gap in standards and living, all the roads and thoughts leading to earn money for a better to good position which will never end without contentment.
    So my suggestion, to imrove the love between Parent and Child, is follow the traditions of our grand parents and sunchronise this with imaginations of all the family what a grand child should be.
    If real love exists between parents and child, so many day cares and pre schools will have to closed to nil and the child is better in the hands of ones grand parents than the paid Aya or Amma.
    Young one should look back and atleast put your parents before the status/money you earn. Learn some thing from the fact, which is …….. Parents after retirement went to USA for a stay of 6 month with their son and his family ( wife, son). After 2 months old mother died due to heart attack in USA. The old father could bring the dead body to India and performed he last rites. He was relaxes as he need not to pay for the bringing of the fead body as it was free due to insurance coverage.
    The husband did his duty and repented had he not gone to US he sometimes could stay with his wife.
    The son could not attend and perform the last rites of his mother. Budget calculated and left it to his father.
    You think whether the love existed in above case, if so why the son failed in his duties towards his mother.

    I blame the society which has status tag and making every one to run for the same.
    After all we are not earning machines. we must respect the family net work and not networth, atleast in India.

  2. hanji………….m bahut hi prem karti hu apne mom ko or pappa ko jo ab eish duniya m nahi hai……m bahut jiyada miss karti hu……….or us se jiyada yaad kari hu.dil m ek tufan sa ata hi…………….
    vo jab yaad aa ye bahut yaad jindagi k andhre ujale……….m vo jab yaad aye bahut yaad aye………..

    1. hello sister , i want to share one facts
      there are many flowers in the garden but we pluck only those which appear prrety and good
      In the same way God calls those people who are the best in these world
      take care
      God is with you

  3. I love ma mom n dad
    ma all happines r ma parnts…i can tolrate evrythng bt regarding ma parnts i can’t tolrate nythng….for me ma whole world is ma parnts…… I can do evrythng for ma parnts oh god bless dem……. N make them happy evrytime….

  4. In the hospital, while watching a mother who is laboring her child.. It makes me remember all my faults to my mother,on how i disobeyed her, on how I treat her bad not thinking the time when she labored me. .It helped me realized that I was so very wrong before.
    And now, as times goes by,I would like to spend it for my parents.
    I will take this opportunity to say thank you and I love you so..mama&papa

  5. In the hospital, while watching a mother who is laboring her child.. It makes me remember all my faults to my mother,on how i disobeyed her, on how I treat her bad not thinking the time when she labored me. .It helped me realized that I was so very wrong before.
    And now, as times goes by,I would like to spend it for my parents.
    I will take this opportunity to say thank you and I love you so..mama&papa

  6. parents r the precious gift frm godddd so respect them love themm and care for them as much as u can
    if u want to know the importance of parents ask frm those who don’t have

  7. Simple….word bola jata hai ….dene wala khuda hai….palne wala,khuda hota hai….raksha karne wala khuda hota hai….yeh sab kha da ki nahmat hai…or yah nahmat hame hamare mata pita se bhi milti hai ……yani khuda mandir,Majid,gurudwra and charch nahi dhundha vo hamare sath rahtey….hai….. Hamare parents…..

  8. MAA BAAP DUNIYA KEY SUB SAY BADI NEMAT HAI.MAA BAAP ANMOL HOTAY HAI.MAA BAAP KAY KADMOO KAY NEECHAY JANNAT HOTA HAI.Paani ho agar jaanat to Maa Baap key karo khidmat,paani ho agar shohrat to Maa Baap key lay low duwayaien.

  9. iam agree with ARREBA KHAN,Mother and Father is really a precious gift from ALLAH ( GOD ).In this world,what ever u want to buy,you can buy very easily.but your mother and fathe,thats only once in a life,you can not buy another one.MAA, some time even she is sleeping with empty stomach.but she is keeping the food for her kids,she didnt buy new clothes for her self,but she is buying for her kids,MAA one of the incredible word in this world.mindblowing,superb,fantastic,excellent,tremendous,marvellous,gorgeous,even the whole life we will support,care for our parents especially for mother,we cant like pay it for her,for instance if we will care her more than 70 years,just imagine and think we did not pay like a one moment again foristance,our 70 years care, is equivalent to her one moment. for instance,when she is feeding the baby,the one fraction moment,when she is changing the baby from one breast to another breast,even we did not pay like that fraction moment. I LOVE YOU MY MUMY AND PAPA.Ihope my papa will be in heaven ( janatul firdous) .AAMEEN INSHA ALLAH.Thank you !

  10. I still not believe that my father is not alive. He is still alive in us, in our talks, thought s , and every moment in our life.Paa you are in our soul you are in our hearts and remains alive with us…always. u paa….miss u paa…

  11. We are parents in our 60s having been left and thrown out by our daughter and son-in-law in USA with so many accusations. Sudden thrown out from the house has caused us lots of difficultities, mentally, financially, physically and otherwise, since we have faced extreme hardships. The irony of the fate is that our daughter who used to love us a lot has come into the nasty and dirty influence of our son-in-law who has a very tricky and questionable background, and this guy is always schemeing and plotting. We as husband and wife will die alone in this world, with no one to take care of us, since our son and his wife too have thrown us out of their house. With little resources and with mounting help problems, we ask all parents that do not take false promise from your daughter and son-in-law to take care of you when you grow old, they all are after your finances and properties. I warn parents not to submit to the wishes of your daughter to marry someone she loves, do check the background of the guy, otherwise you will also meet the same fate as we have met. The blood has gone WHITE in the USA, since how painful it is to throw out your own parents in old age, out of your house, when they are penniless and have no resource in their lives. Anyway, Almighty is great and will give us strength to find a way for us to earn our livelihood, but a severe puinishment in the house of god awaits such children, who abuse their parents in their old age. EMOTIONALLY TORN PARENTS

  12. Ammie(mom) abbu(dad) inke liye kitne v batein bolo kam h actually sahi ye h k apne bachon ko samjhne wale n unkliye care karne wale sirf or sirf unke parents hote h…na unk koi uncle na koi aunty na grnd pa grnd ma…the only parents will know ther child not others…in my whole lyf after allah(god) n huzoor(pbuh) i love only my parents.

  13. I nothing said anything more about my parents except it that,

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