Superb message !! You lie to your parents for your lover…..

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!!Superb message !!

1) You lie to your parents for your lover, but why not to you lover for you parents?

2) To marry your lover you leave your parents, but why don’t you leave Ur lover for your parents?

3) You ask you lover whether he/she has taken lunch on time… but have you ever asked the same question to your parents ? 🙁

4) You leave all your bad habits for 1 promise to your lover, but why not after the
repeated advice of dad ?

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Parents-Children – Inspirational Quotes, Motivational Thoughts and Pictures

10 Replies to “Superb message !! You lie to your parents for your lover…..”

  1. very true message…….all child have to love their parents first…..then the true love automaticalically comes in u…………….

  2. This is true msg agar hum apne parents ke liye yeh sab karenge toh kitna acha hoga agar aapko sachi mein koi pyaaar karta hai toh agar aap usko yeh sab bataoge meine apne parents ke liye kyaa kya kiya hai apke pyaar ko apse aur bhi jyada sacha pyaar ho jayega

  3. It has become a human tendency that we take our parents granted.. we also know whatever we are doing is wrong but at the same time we also know that parents will forgive us…..

  4. Excellent. An eye opener for many. Plz continue with such ________ to improve Life which I feel is loosing its ethics in this mobile, laptop, pizza and burger world. Hearty Wishes once again and a Most Colorful and Cheerful Holi Festival to you and all the readers.

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