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*Once, an old man was sitting on a bench of a garden with his 25yrs old son. There was a tree beside the bench. Old man saw a bird sitting on the tree. He asked the son- what’s
this? Son replied- it’s a crow.

The old… man again asked what’s this? Son said- I already told u that it’s a crow. The old man again asked what’s this? Son angrily said- are u deaf or mad, papa? How many times to tell u it’s a crow. Can’t u understand?

Old man patiently replied- my dear son, when u were 5yrs old, u asked me 174 times the same question that what’s this and i replied everytime with a kiss that, it’s a crow! Now, I askd u 3 times and u were irritated.

NOTE: It’s the difference between the love of parents and love from the  children

So please do your duty when your parents are dependent on u. Don’t hurt them.
Love your parents, you’ll be in their shoes soon*

Life / Learning /Inspirational story ,Quotes – Inspirational Quotes, Pictures and Motivational Thoughts


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29 Responses to Love your parents……Inspirational story

  1. Darvinder Singh says:

    Rishika ji thx for such a wonderful website. I always read your inspirational thoughts and post on my fb wall..i think today’s generation have to need such motivational and inspirational thoughts for living a good and healthy life…again thx nd hv a good life…

  2. vivek solanki says:

    thanks….10x …..thank you verymuch rishika didi for this great & outstanding heart touching stories……u r real leader ,who inspire new generation…..,..
    pls pls keep it up……..

  3. sangietaa says:

    look fwd to getting sm of this content thanx

  4. Keertishree says:

    Rishika g 10x alot for sch a motivative story…………..lolz

  5. manasvi kakde says:

    very nice motivational story. Definitely i will change my attitude towards my parents. They are the perfect gift that God has given me when i entered in this world. I will definitely preserve it.

  6. Mani says:

    it was very beautiful thoughts that you have regarding the parents i really appreciate

  7. rashmi rai says:

    thanks a lot these stories should be read by all of them and i like the most love your parents………………………..

  8. muzhda says:

    Hello every one,

    Nice and great stories.

  9. manohar gayakwad says:

    Great very nice story,
    The person whose father is no more knows the value of father.
    So please love your parents so much that they really gets proud on you in the society.

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  11. Memory says:

    This story is so meaningful and emotional, when I was a child, I was also like that guy! Now, I was a youth, everything has changed very much and my knowledge has been also widen very much! But there was a thing that will never change, that is love my Father is for me! Love is so great and high-minded!

  12. jasmine says:

    Be kind to your parents.
    They are the only ones who can love us unconditionally.

  13. wilson says:

    Dear all,

    Its a great Site having treasures of knowledge through simple stories

  14. L.R. SHORI says:

    Thanks for Excellent inspirational stories, please.

  15. Panchanan Mukherjee says:

    I wish this story be read by all young children of today !!!! and take a lesson . But how is it possible that this will reach to all ??

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  17. Raj Kumar says:

    Great !!
    R e a l l y a h i d d e n
    treasure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. gurbinder dhingra says:

    it is an excellent siye . i wish i receive mails from your end

  19. vishal says:

    I like it

  20. Soham chakraborty says:

    parents are wonderful

  21. Bobby says:

    Woh Hain issiliye hum hain……..!!!

  22. vinay kumar says:

    heart touching story

  23. vinay kumar says:

    plz everybody respect your parents

  24. thenmozhi says:

    very nice story

  25. Karen jumag says:

    This is really inspiring i’ll post this on my fb……#greatStory

  26. Rajen shah says:

    Very motivational! Thank you

  27. Ksa says:

    Nice very emotional and motivatioal story best wishes

  28. Ankit Patro says:

    The Story just touch my heart.

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