I love my mother beyond limits…..

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Your mother bore you For 9 months ,
She watched her feet Swell, she struggled to Climb stairs,

She got breathless quick, She bore excruciating pain,
She suffered many sleepless Nights,

She became your nurse, your Chef, your teacher, your Cleaner, your launderette your Friend.

She struggled for you, but not Did she see it as a struggle,

Not once did she develop Regrets after all this …
How dare you say even “uff” to her …

I love my mother beyond limits

Do you … ? ? ?

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!!! Inspirational Quotes, Motivational Thoughts and Pictures

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2 Replies to “I love my mother beyond limits…..”

  1. When i just opened my eyes the first person i could see is my mother. She was the one to show me this world,made me feel the touch of a mother . when i grew up everyday she was the one to teach me every small things from eating,wearing,playing .Yes mom you are the best in this world today,tomorrow and foreever.

    Without her i am incomplete .I see the people in the street touching my feet and asking money i feel peety for them, a small kids without mom i just feel happy when i see those people but cannot do anything rather giving money to them.

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