Benefits of a Bicycle

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Benefits of a Bicycle
Puts up a big fat smile on your face;
It carries your goodies home;
It feels like flying;
It’s faster and easier than walking;
It’s as quiet as a mouse;
the earth sends a lil extra luv to those on bicycles (this is scientifically documented);
Gives you legs of steel;
No Need to pay for gas parking fees or auto insurance… Hurraay;
Whizzes past traffic jams;
Slows Global Warming;
Zero Emissions;
Shapes up that Bodie…….Keeps you healthy
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Kindness Quote

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Be kind whenever possible.It is always possible.

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Mosha lost her right leg after she stepped on a landmine. She was fitted with an artificial leg at the hospital in Lampang, Thailand so that she could go back to living in the Jungle. She is the first elephant in the world to get a prosthetic leg, in 2007 🙂

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