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Oscar Pistorius is a world champion sprinter who has broken his own world records some 30 times.
A fierce advocate of Life Without Limitations and abilateral amputee, he is the first ever Paralympian to win Gold in each of the 100m, 200m and 400msprints (Beijing 2008), and his international reputation as the “fastest man on no legs” isgaining momentum with every race.

Absolute courage, fierce determination, steely resolve and extremely strong will-power!!!!  What a personality and what an Inspiration… Get Inspired !!!! Please “SHARE” with friends and family and to inspire !!!

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4 Responses to Inspirational People ~ Stories ~ Will Power ~ Achievement ~ Courage

  1. pop says:


  2. This is wonderful. Please continue to update me about new articles and news.

  3. Maryam, Iran says:

    I enjoy of reading ur inspirational stories every day and every time & try to use them in my life.
    Thanks and be successful in everything. :) ;) :)
    Your site is a hopeful place for me.

  4. James kilamwangbe newme says:

    I love this kind of person.Want to be most cleverest in GOD(JESUS) way. Amen.

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