What is LOVE? ~ Beautiful Thoughts


What is LOVE? ,Beautiful Thoughts, Quotes, Wishes, Good Morning Wishes, Special Quotes, Inspirational Messages, Pictures

is patient, is kind
it does not envy
it does not boast
it is not proud
it is not rude
it is not self – seeking
it is not easily angered
keeps no record of wrongs
does not delight in evil
rejoices with the truth
always protects, always trusts
always hopes, always perseveres
Love is a Beautiful Experience…

Wishing you and loved ones love and happiness in your life !!!!

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<<<<Where there is Love, there is Life~Welcome Home to Life>>>>

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9 Responses to What is LOVE? ~ Beautiful Thoughts

  1. SWATI says:

    love is a pure relationship between two hearts,its a matter of heart and souls..love is god,love is every thing,without love nothing is possible,love has many different faces,we love god in the sense of “bhakti” ,we love animals in the sense of “daya”,but love is love we cant express it,we cant describe it,we cant c what is love we can feel only the presence of love,,,

  2. babita says:

    God only give this gift to females.

  3. rahul says:

    nice thoughts

  4. Arun B. Sodaye says:

    very very inspiring Quotes

  5. Karan Davda says:


  6. Lovely malik says:

    Love is just a game,
    it does n’t matter, which one loose or win !

  7. siddhartha says:

    Die for love but never die for lover….
    okay frens..

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