What is Love

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Having a Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Is not Love
But Having someone in ur life on whom You have blind Faith that even If you hurt them to the extreme, They will still hold ur hand n say:
I was, I am, I will always be yours.

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<<<<Where there is Love, there is Life~Welcome Home to Life>>>>

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  1. Both life and love has just four letters.but both are meaningful.it depends how u feel ,recognize and so on. Life is more imp than love.bcoz life is a train &love is fuel.u can ride a train by eletronic system too.so remember :life a train and :love:hate:kiss:etc are the different compartment.its my opinion.kabirdas says :love is like a thread:. My friends say love is like a boomer. Some times i says love is the miraclous feelings between the 2 hearts.its love and different people have different experience,it depends how u lead ur life. But love swamiji says :;love is the binding force btw the universe:;

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