What are Microwave Hazards?

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What are Microwave Hazards?

Microwave ovens are found in almost every  home and restaurant. It is an easy and convenient way to heat and cook food. But, are they safe? In this article, we reveal the microwave hazards found by various research studies. Read on to learn more.

Microwave Hazards
German, Russian and Swiss clinical studies have discovered the following microwave hazards:

  • Regular consumption of food heated or processed in a microwave oven can cause permanent brain damage.
  • Micro-waved food creates certain by-products which cannot be broken down by the human body.
  • Regular consumption of micro-waved foods can alter or shut down hormone production in men and women.
  • The by-products created by micro-waving food can have permanent effects on the human body.
  • Micro-waving foods alters or reduces the nutrients, vitamins and minerals found in these foods.
  • Microwave ovens alter the minerals found in vegetables into cancerous free radicals.
  • Consumption of micro-waved foods can cause tumors in the stomach and intestines. Some health experts opine this is the leading cause of the rapid rise in colon cancer rates in the US.
  • Prolonged consumption of micro-waved food items can increase cancerous cells in the blood.
  • Another microwave hazard is that it can alter blood serum and the lymph gland, which weakens the immune system.
  • Regular consumption of micro-waved food can affect intelligence, emotional stability, concentration and memory power.

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