Herbs for Treating Kidney Stones!!!

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Herbs for Treating Kidney Stones!!!

Symptoms of Kidney Stones: Kidney stones usually cause severe pain which is first felt in the side and, thereafter, in the groin and thighs. Other symptoms of kidney stones are a frequent desire to urinate, painful urination, scanty urination, nausea, vomiting, sweating, and chills. The patient may also pass blood with the urine.Home Remedies for Treating Kidney stones:

Kidney beans, also known as dried French beans or Rajmah, are regarded as a very effective home remedy for kidney problems, including kidney stones.

Basil has a strengthening effect on the kidneys.In case of kidney stones, one teaspoon each of basil juice and honey should be taken daily for six months.

Regular intake of Celery prevents future stone formation.

Apples are useful in preventing kidney stones. Grapes have an exceptional diuretic value on account of their high contents of water and potassium salt and hence an excellent remedy for kidney stones. The seeds of both sour and sweet pomegranates are useful medicine for kidney stones. Watermelon is one of the safest and best diuretics which can be used with beneficial result in kidney stones.

Other herbs that are useful for kidney stones include Punarnava, Uva ursi(Durva), Gokhshura, Parsley, Pashanbhed, etc.

Ayurvedic medicines like Chandraprabha vati,Punarnavadi Guggul,Gokhshuradi Guggul,Triphaladi Guggul etc have also proved to be effective in treating Kidney Stones.

Certain yogasanas such as pavanmuktasana, uttanpadasana, bhujangasana, dhanurasana, and halasana are also beneficial as they activate the kidneys.

CAUTION: Kidney stone is a serious condition which should be treated by a qualified physician; do not try any Home remedies without first consulting your physician.

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