What Should He do Now? Can You Find The Correct Way?

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What plan can you give the boy to save his life?

The picture below depicts a man handing from a tree branch with many different ways to die.

1. A snake hangs from the tree waiting to strike if he goes right.

2. A lion roars hungrily on the ground, near the tree if he tries to go that way.

3. Two crocodiles with giant jaws waiting in the water – seems like they won’t even let him reach the water before tearing him to pieces.

4. There is a gun near the tree. We can use it.

What plan can you give the boy to save his life? There are a number of solutions!!

Solution 1: Use one hand to hold the snake and then throw it on the lion. Perhaps this action will scare the lion away. In this case you will have the chance to jump and take the gun. Kill the lion with the gun, feed the crocodile and you are free to go!

Solution 2: Boy is in his dream. Let him wake up and he’ll escape the dream.
What do you think?

Inspirational story Quotes – Inspirational Quotes, Pictures and Motivational Thoughts

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  1. Ramesh is His Friend Who himself hided himself from Lion, After Some Planning Ramesh Diverted Lion Attension By Making Noise When Lion Goes To Find Ramesh, Raju WHo is Hanging on Tree Sudden Jumped on Ground And Killed Lion. Raju and Ramesh Both Students awarded by village surpanch for their bravery .

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