Are you living a fake life ?? By ~Rishika jain

Are you living a fake life ??

I have realized that people are living two lives.
1. That they actually live.
2. That they want to portray to the world

All of us are trying to show the world how cool we are or how happy our life is.
What is Instagram and snap-chat for ??

All we are trying to do is to fake our lifestyle. At least most of us, so that others believe that we are living a happy life.

For those who are living a fake life…
At the end of the day you will end up realizing that all this does not carry true happiness.
You can be happy when you are an original not a copy.
Do what you love to do and do not be ashamed of it. Embrace yourself. Live your life to the fullest only then will you be happy.

Do not do things just to please others. Do not click pictures with just the motive of posting them somewhere so that people can see them. Click them so that some day you can go back and cherish those wonderful memories.

Be yourself and be proud of yourself.

~ Rishika jain

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