A simple act of motivation

It’s not because the mahout could push the elephant on to the truck. But, because of his hand on it’s back, the elephant will feel confident that there’s someone to support and will pull itself on to the truck successfully with ease.

A simple act of motivation. That’s all.

There are so many people among us, who have fallen because they didn’t have anyone to support or motivate them.

At times, we would have felt, if we were aware, we could have been… And a few of us would have felt, if someone were to support and motivate, we too could have..

We may not be all of it, but we may be it at some difficult times for some. A simple word of love, positivity or some motivational words of strength and support may change someone’s life for ever.

Sometimes, selflessness, passion, support and love is just that it is or what that it is..

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