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Learn to be present and enjoy the moment…

We humans just love to create problems for ourselves…. Don’t we??

We are the creators of the problems that bother us..

We keep creating hypothetical and unnecessary problems for ourselves… These are just fictitious problems… They don’t actually exist… It’s our natural tendency to attract such problems towards us…

Half of our time is spent in thinking about ..

What will others think about us?? What will they say ?? How will they react ??

One thing that we should understand is that…it’s others’ job to make their own choices of thoughts and actions .. It’s not in our hand to change their thoughts… But what is in our hand is to better ourselves ..To be someone better than today ..and we should focus on doing our own job.. That is to live a happy, and a life free of problems …

 “The grass is always greener on the other side” 

Other people always seem to be in a better situation than you, although they may not be.

This is the sign of a pessimist and one who is not content with what he has..

 The only solution to this problem is be happy and content with what you have ..

start appreciating everything  ..have a positive outlook towards life .. feel the happiness from the small things in life ..

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of places if one remembers to turn on the light”

Happiness is not something to be found outside … it is present inside you ..everything that you dream to be ,you already are just need to believe in yourself ..

 Another great problem is that…

 We create such situations for ourselves today that they lead to problems in future…

This is due to the lazy and unproductive nature of humans…

We do not act productively in the present and then expect the future to be bright…

This is not possible…

We need to act wisely in the present to gain the fruits of it in future…

 We should avoid all situations that will cause problems in future.. And hence..

Start working right now..

Running away from challenges and problems won’t solve them ..

You will not face a problem in future is you avoid the situation that will cause it right in the present…

A positive and calm mind is the solution to all our problems…

Narrow mindedness is the root cause of problems… We should always be ready to accept change and have a enthusiastic and zealous approach towards life ..

 We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them… Hence accept challenges with an open mind ..Have belief in yourself ..Believe that you have the potential to solve these problems …

 “The only way to solve a problem is not to run from it.. But to face it…”

 Stay happy. Stay motivated. Stay inspired BY~Rishika Jain 

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Real talk…. Rishika Jain… I have seen posts and petitions regarding the cruelty against an elephant in Kerala.

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Real talk

I have seen posts and petitions regarding the cruelty against an elephant in Kerala.
It is just heart wrenching how people can be so inhuman. And my heart pours out for that poor animal…

Now that the topic is out.. I have seen tons of posts on twitter defaming a particular religion for the same and it is so wrong to target someone like that when we as a society and as humans do not pay heed to animal cruelty happening almost everyday and in various forms.
Cutting off poor animals as an “offering to god” is equally cruel. This one elephant case has surfaced which is really sad but how come all these people who have come out with petitions and all of us too who are suddenly posting say nothing when these rituals in some religions happen every year ??
It’s a blood bath every year
And equally cruel is consumption of animal based products. It is a similar blood bath in slaughter houses every day. Animals are fattened by force so that they can be consumed.

Speaking up is important but so is realising if we are actually speaking up for the entire issue or only one fact. Once it becomes a habit we tend to forget how cruel or bad that habit is. We tend to ignore it and certain different cases catch our attention.
Both are equally bad. And all of us really need to understand that.

⁃ Rishika Jain

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