Earth has enough to satisfy everyone’s Need….

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The Earth has enough to fulfill everyone’s need….. But it can never satisfy everyone’s greed…..

Global Warming is a real and present danger. Each and Everyone of us has a responsibility towards Mother Earth. Let us pledge to save earth by becoming environment friendly.

Learn how to live a greener life year-round with simple actions like:

– Switching from plastic to a reusable cloth bag.
– Turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth (you can save as much as 3 gallons every time!).
– Green your office: print double sided, turn off monitors
– Bike, walk, take public transportation or carpool to work or school.
– Jog outside to save energy that would be used on a treadmill.
– Plant a tree.
– Get a lunch box instead of brown-bagging or eating out of takeout containers.
– Buy local fruits and veggies, or start your own garden.
– Think outside of the bottle. Bottled water costs 1900 times more than tap water!

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 05 every year. Take a small pledge and make a HUGE contribution towards a greener earth…..

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