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How can you discover yourself…Awareness Quotes

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To remember who you are, you need to forget
what they told you to be..

Awareness Quotes – Inspirational Quotes, Pictures & Motivational Thoughts

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Awareness Quotes ~ Be careful with your words…

Awareness Quotes , Speak with kindness, Inspirational and Motivational Pictures

Be CAREFUL with your WORDS….
Once they are SAID, They can only be FORGIVEN,

Awareness Quotes – Inspirational Quotes, Pictures & Motivational Thoughts

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Save girl child ;Diary Of A Baby

awareness ,save girl child,imagesDiary Of A Baby :

15th June – ” I Got Attached With Ovary ”
17th June – ” I am a tissue Now ”
30th June – “Mumma said To Dad , U are Going to Be a Father
They Both Are Very Happy ”
15th July – ” My Food is What My Mom Eats ”
15th Sept – ” I Can Feel My Heart beat ”
14th Oct – ” I Have Little Hands,Legs Head & Stomach ”
13th Nov – ” Today I Was In a UltraScan ”
WOW…! I am A Girl….!
29th Nov – ” I was DEAD…”
Why ..!
Is It Just Becoz I was a Girl…

Awareness Quotes – Inspirational Quotes, Pictures & Motivational Thoughts

Thought of the day ;Relaxation is who you are .

Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are .

Awareness Quotes – Inspirational Quotes, Pictures & Motivational Thoughts


Refuse to be a Victim

Delhi Rape Case, Refuse to be a Victim, Protection for Girls against eve teasers, Stay Safe

The Delhi Rape Case involving a brutal gang-rape of a 23-year-old by a group of six men in Delhi has brought fore the question concerning the safety and security of our mothers, daughters & sisters.  Sharing this Advisory- in Public interest – from FB Page ‘Indian Army Fans’.  Please share with your loved ones..

Keep your safety first – Refuse to be a VICTIM

1. Carry a pepper spray (costs just 400 bucks but can come handy)

2. Please do not venture out during night. in extreme cases do sms the number of auto to a reliable friend.

3. Please do not get involved in club hopping, pubbing with strangers. be surrounded by friends.

4. Try not to confront drunk people (especially in NCR) avoid eye contact & try to sneak out asap.

5. Avoid late night outs. the multiplex/bars/pubs may be fancy but the murky late night world outside is certainly not. be careful

6. Keep some maggie/chocolates/medics handy in your room to avoid late night hunger pangs in check

7. Please feed atleast 2 numbers in your mobile which can be accessed by a single key press

8. If you have a smartphone, click the auto/vehicle number or the autowala bloke & MMS it. the guy will be psychologically doomed.

9. Avoid Late night long drives if possible. Similar for other shady roads.

10. Last but not the least, there are many people who love you and care for you and they expect you to act responsibly. please do not ever let them down.

Be aware..Stay Safe.. for yourself and your loved ones..

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Don’t Judge people by their looks ~ Awareness Quotes

Don't Judge people by their looks, Awareness Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Pictures, Motivational Thoughts

Don’t Judge people by their looks…When in doubt…be kind in judging…& always try to look at the positive side…

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Awareness Quotes – Inspirational Quotes, Pictures and Motivational Thoughts

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