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Mangalyaan Makes History: Top 10 Facts

Mangalyaan ,mars,nasa,india ,Here are 10 facts about the mission

  • India is amongst the countries in the world to successfully enter the Mars orbit, after the Soviet Union, United States and Europe. It is the first country to do so in it’s maiden attempt & the first Asian Country to reach the Red Planet…
  • “The odds were stacked against us. Of the 51 missions, attempted across the world so far, a mere 21 had succeeded. But we have prevailed,” said PM Modi.
  • Only NASA, the European Space Agency and the former USSR have been successful in their Mars missions. The first successful mission was by NASA’s Mariner 9 in 1971. The most recent failure was that of the Chinese Yinghuo-1 in 2011.
  • PM Modi lauded the Indian Space Research Organisation or ISRO for joining an elite group of only three other agencies worldwide to have successfully reached Red Planet.
  • NASA tweeted, “We congratulate @ISRO for its Mars arrival! @MarsOrbiter joins the missions studying the Red Planet.”
  • Mangalyaan, which is the size of a Tata Nano car, was launched in November, 2013, aboard India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle-C25 rocket. The mission is meant to test India’s ability to place a craft in Martian orbit and technologies required for a future interplanetary mission.
  • The MOM or Mars Orbiter Mission was conceived, planned and implemented by ISRO on a shoestring budget of Rs. 450 crores or $ 67 mn.
  • “Even Hollywood movies cost more,” said Mr Modi, who had earlier referenced the mega-budget space film “Gravity” to demonstrate his point.
  • Mangalyaan will explore the surface of Mars, its morphology, mineralogy and its atmosphere. Five solar-powered instruments aboard Mangalyaan will gather data to help determine how Martian weather systems work and what happened to the water that is believed to have once existed on the planet in large quantities.
  • At its closest point, the orbiter will be 365 km from the planet’s surface, and at its Edited by furthest – 80,000 km
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    India becomes first nation to have successful Mars mission in maiden attempt

    india,Mars mission,modi,mangalyaan,ISRO,NASA

    India created history on Wednesday, becoming the first country to successfully get a spacecraft into the Martian orbit on its maiden attempt.

    “History has been created today. We have dared, to reach out, into the unknown,” Modi said congratulating the country.

    PM Modi has concluded his speech with a quote from Rabindranath Tagore

    08:29 AM

    When our cricketers win a tournament, the entire country celebrates. What the scientists have achieved today, is much greater than that.

    PM Modi
    08:28 AM

    Lets today’s success drive us to greater visions, let us push our boundaries and then push some more. This is the hope with which we move forward.

    PM Modi
    08:27 AM

    Modern India, must continue, playing this leading role of ‘Jagad-guru Bharat’

    PM Modi
    08:27 AM

    India reaches Mars

    08:24 AM

    Our efforts have historically focussed on ultimate objective of nation-building. Of translating space technology into space applications

    PM Modi
    08:23 AM

    Through your achievements, you have honoured our fore-fathers, and inspired our future generations

    PM Modi
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