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Four Beautiful Thoughts of Life….


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FOUR beautiful thoughts of life:
Look back & get Experience!
Look Forward & See Hope!
Look Around & Find Reality!
Look within & Find Your self.

The above picture so appropriately sums up the “beautiful thoughts of life” quote.
We all look at our past , contemplate on future. However We see the world as we are and not as the world is.
If we change the paradigm and contemplate on the beautiful quote above, we can discover the purpose of life and our own self…..


Life is a Celebration…


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Life is a Celebration

If you think positively
Sound becomes Music
Movement Becomes Dance
Smile Becomes Laughter
Mind Becomes Meditation
And Life Becomes a Celebration….
It is difficult to think positively in challenging situations and times. One little secret can be of help during these times. Pause before reacting. That is the Power of response. Once you take a pause…you can bring the entire subconscious mind into play…. You will be amazed to see your own positivity when you start practicing this simple but so powerful technique….Indeed Good times become better and Bad times become Less Good :-) …. Life goes on to be a Celebration!!!!!

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Anyone who has never made a mistake….


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Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried  anything NEW ~ Albert Einstein

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It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves…..


Edmund Hillary Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Pictures and ThoughtsIt is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.  ~Edmund Hillary


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When Sky is the limit…..


Journey Quotes, Achievement Quotes, Pictures, Inspirational Quotes and PicturesNo Journey is Long, When Dreams are Big and Sky is he Limit. We should aim high in life. But remain contented with what we have and what we are.

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