Wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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Year after Year, Month after Month, Day after Day, Hour after Hour, Minute after Minute, Second after Second …. Times Change….Change is Constant….Accept Change, Embrace Change…. Life blooms with Change….Wishing you the best of times …..A….VERY…H.A.P.P.Y…..N.E.W…..Y.E.A.R….

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7 Replies to “Wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!”

  1. i like your inspirations quates, sometimes really brighten my day. help me a lot througt difficult times. thank you so much

  2. May the stars carry shine upon you, May the flowers fill your heart with beauty May hope forever wipe away your tears, HAPPY NEW YEAR “khushi ki parchhaiya ka naam ha zindgi , gamo ki gahhriyo ka naam ha zindgi , ek pyaara sa yaar hai humara , usi ki pyari si hassi ka naam hai zindgi , HAPPY NEW YEAR

  3. for sure yua the best thing in my life!You always brighting my days by giving me hopes,encouragement,wisdom,love,joy,happiness,personality,etc not only for me but also to my neighbours!
    I’ll never be apart as longer as I’m alive!

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