Save Girl Child !!!!

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Save Girl Child …
The hand that rocks the cradle, the procreator, the mother of tomorrow; a woman shapes the destiny of civilization. Such is the tragic irony of fate, that a beautiful creation such as the girl child is today one of the gravest concerns facing humanity
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70 Replies to “Save Girl Child !!!!”

  1. we can’t live without female, female means Grandmother, mother, sister, wife and daughter etc…. so please SAVE GIRL CHILD..think…think..think.

  2. Meri marriage ko 3 saal ho gaye ab hum bhi apna baby chahte he or hamari family sare ladkehi he koi bhi ladki nai islia hamari family sab chahte he ki meri ladki ho

  3. ye waqt ab keval sites per kuch comment likhne ka ni ,, logo k dil me insaaniyat ki syahi se kuch sabad likhne ka hai….
    Sry bt true..
    kitne balatkarion ko saza dilwayenge hum,
    4 jail me jayenge ,2 naye fir se samaj me se nikal ayenge..akhir kab tak..
    ye waqt na keval insaan ,, balki pura ka pura samaj badalne ka hai..soch to badalni hi hogi..
    hum waqt badal kr rahenge…

  4. if thee kill a child thee will become a sinner , the god is the only one who has the right to take life , thee are not to kill anyone as it is against the law.
    love thee child she will have something for thee in return.

  5. when a girl child is born someof them will put the child in the boiling milk and pray to the lord saying that ” oh lord return the child and give me a boy

  6. There is no need to say “please” Save Girl Child
    Say rightfully Save Girl Child.
    Should we beg someone to save Her or should it be a self realized initiative??

  7. Save girl child…….. They are the future of the world.
    Educating a girl means one better hope for society.

  8. i agree to rahul saxena .It is the time to wake up others, no one has right to kill a baby whether a girl or a boy, before their birth.

  9. Save girls… They are the future of the world…. Don’t kill baby girl.. Treat other as you wish to be treated yourself….. So respect and love girls…
    plz plz plz plz……

  10. Betiya !!!!
    Pahad ki choti pe sooraj ki kiran he !!
    Jindagi sahi jeene ka aachran he !!
    Aangan me phela ujiyala he !!
    Mere gusse pe laga tala he !!

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