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Inspirational Story of the Day,Beautiful Stories,Pictures,Self Appraisal,Work,CommittmentA BEAUTIFUL STORY

*A little boy went to a telephone booth which was at the cash counter of a store and dialed a number.
The store-owner observed and listened to the conversation:

Boy : “Lady, Can you give me the job of cutting your lawn?
Woman : (at the other end of the phone line) “I already have someone to cut my lawn.”
Boy : “Lady, I will cut your lawn for half the price than the person who cuts your lawn now.”
Woman : I’m very satisfied with the person who is presently cutting my lawn.
Boy : (with more perseverance) “Lady, I’ll even sweep the floor and the stairs of your house for free.
Woman : No, thank you.

With a smile on his face, the little boy replaced the receiver. The store-owner, who was listening to all this, walked over to the boy.

Store Owner : “Son… I like your attitude; I like that positive spirit and would like to offer you a job.”
Boy : “No thanks,
Store Owner : But you were really pleading for one.
Boy : No Sir, I was just checking my performance at
the job I already have. I am the one who is working for that lady I was talking to!” *

** This is called self Appraisal”** Give your best and the world comes to you!!!!!


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  1. Wonderful story….never came accross such stories.

    Many thanks RJI- Self appraisal was amazing one!!!:)

    Entire team had enjoed today when i forwarded this story-
    ** This is called self Appraisal”** fantastic one

    love you team!!


    1. Thank you for visiting our page and liking it. Keep sharing. Keep inspiring. That’s life all about. isn’t it? Best wishes.

      1. Thank you for visiting our page and liking it. Each appreciation means a million to us. Please do share with friends and family. Best wishes.

  2. Best Stories with Best Morals.
    I liked all stories and i shared to most of my friends. They also liked it. Keep it up.



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