8 Steps To Cure Constipation Naturally~

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1.Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. It is very important to keep the intestines working well. Keep the water overnight in a copper vessel and drink it when you wake up in the morning.

2.Put a teaspoon of ghee in a glassful of warm milk. Drink it when going to bed. It is very helpful in               relieving from constipation.

3.Go for morning walk by having 2-3 glasses of warm water. This will prevent constipation and clear bowel movements.

4.Include fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables in your diet. Papaya and sugarcane are especially beneficial. Tomato and beetroot salads are also very useful in constipation relief.

5.Apples are very beneficial in treating constipation. Eat two apples every morning. Bitethem with the teeth instead of using a knife to cut them into slices.

6.The simplest home remedy for constipation is to drink a glass of lemon juice in water with a pinch of salt in it. This will treat any kind of constipation you are suffering from.

7.Papaya and guava are also useful in treating constipation. Regular intake of papaya at early morning in an empty stomach prevents constipation.

8.You can also take warm lime water early in the morning.It prevents constipation and keeps the body and mind fresh    ; By Green Yatra

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