Beautiful Inspirational children story with moral

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A Child once gives a handmade card to his parents….

On it is his small hand print and inside his photograph and these words… “Sometimes you get discouraged because I am so small – when I leave my fingerprints on furniture and walls –

But I am growing everyday – And someday these tiny fingerprints will surely fade away…. So here is a final hand print, just so you can recall – Exactly how my fingerprints looked when I was very small”……


Don’t wait to spend time with kids “when things slow down” or “when u get that big promotion” or ” next year when you get more time” …

If you don’t act on life , Life has a habit of acting on you….

The greatest gift you can gift to a child is the gift of your time…

Reach out , Share, Inspire, Touch Hearts of your friends and family.

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