Love makes family ; Sister Quote

sister quote,message,relationship,sms,family I love my sister ,she is simply amazing  and I just could not imagine my life without her , Share if u love your sister .

Relationship Sister Quotes ~ Relationships are important in Life. But it is more important to have Life in those relationships ~

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2 Replies to “Love makes family ; Sister Quote”

  1. Brave people don’t cry over spilt milk.Care should B taken before not after.PAST IS PAST – Though times but though people do..for peaceful relief always follow d Karmic tip.Special HELLO 2 a lovely SISTER.

  2. A good lesson-When u speak u r speak what u know,if u listen u will learn new things-misbehavior @ steps of K rishna Temple on birthdays instead of doing good deeds is also a mistake..RJI is a very good website-get inspired ,inspire others.

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