Very Emotional Heart Touching short Story

Very Emotional Heart Touching short Story

One day, a poor boy who was selling goods from door to door to pay his way through school, found he had only one thin dime left, and he was hungry.
He decided he would ask for a meal at the next house. However, he lost his nerve when a lovely young woman opened the door. Instead of a meal he asked for a drink of water.
She thought he looked hungry so brought him a large glass of milk He drankit slowly, and then asked, “How much do I owe you?” “You don’t owe me anything,” she
replied “Mother has taught us never to accept payment for a kindness.”
He said… “Then I thank you from my heart.”
As Howard Kelly left that house, he not only felt; stronger physically, but his faith in God and man was strong also. He had been ready to give up and quit.
Years later that young woman became critically ill. The local doctors were baffled.They finally sent her to the big city, where they called in specialists to study her rare disease. Dr. Howard Kelly was called in for the consultation.
Inspirational short story ,moral,When he heard the name of the town she came from, a strange light filled his eyes. Immediately he rose and went down the hall of the hospital to her room. Dressed in his doctor’s gown he went in to see her.
He recognized her at once. He went back to the consultation room determined to do his best to save her life. From that day he gave special attention to the case.
After a long struggle, the battle was won. Dr. Kelly requested the business office to pass the final bill to him for approval.
He looked at it, then wrote something on the edge and the bill was sent to her room.She feared to open it, for she was sure it would take the rest of her life to pay for
it all. Finally, she looked, and something caught her attention on the side as she read these words…… ” Paid in full with one glass of milk.”
(Signed) Dr. Howard Kelly.
Tears of joy flooded her eyes as her happy heart prayed: “Thank You, GOD, that Your love has spread abroad through human hearts and hands.”

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“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

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  1. GOD “THE ALMIGHTY” is really GREAT – HIS LOVE is truly so” HIGH ,DEEP & WIDE “- that no one can measure it.On this note missing D Cartoon Network .Thank U.

    1. I couldn’t help crying. When I read the bottom line of the story I couldn’t control my tears of joy flooded with a sobbing cry ! I’m much delighted and sure, this is one of the typical heart touching short stories. A Mini/Micro-Story Gives A Great Message. AN EARTHLY STORY WITH A HEAVENLY MEANING !!

  2. Truly very heart touching one. what to say now ? When a heavy heart remains speechless , tears come , greet and speak the language of Gratitude in volumes . At times , silence is the best language which speaks volumes and greatly understood .

  3. “Very Emotional Heart Touching short Story | Inspirational Quotes – Pictures – Motivational Thoughts
    |Quotes and Pictures – Beautiful Thoughts, Inspirational, Motivational, Success, Friendship, Positive Thinking, Attitude, Trust, Perseverance, Persistence, Relationship, Purpose of Life” certainly got myself
    simply addicted with your web-site! I reallywill certainly wind up being back again much
    more frequently. Thanks a lot ,Zane

  4. Thanks for the wonderful story. . . . nice message for the man kind and we must not forget humanity and sense of kindness. God is great. Thank God !!!

  5. A very emotional ,heart touching story .I just was not able to stop my water drops fall from my eyes.verrrrrrry good story .all my friends u should really read this story with patients and full of wisdom.

  6. This short story is stolen directly from a Chinese commercial about a homeless boy receiving a meal from a restaurant, becoming a doctor, and later saving the donor’s life. This makes this short story not only terrible to read, but incredibly disheartening as well. To steal such material and try to label it as your own, including some //exact// wording from the translation of the commercial, is what corrupts the writing community.
    Thank you.

    1. Dear Noah – Thank you for pointing out. We have never claimed the story to be ours. IN fact this story was forwarded by one of our subscribers. IN case you can point us the link, we will be more than happy to update the reference in the post. We thank you for helping us. Regards Admin.

    2. I agree. It’s actually a Thai commercial for an insurance. It would be better to be honest and admit your mistake. Thank you.

  7. My heart melting after I read this story..
    It is about a kindness that cant able to pay through money
    but it is sharing your kindness even you dont have anything..
    Im happy that I’m one of those to witnesss this kind of story

  8. Really very emotional & heart touching story……It inspires us to help other peoples…..Really i liked this story.. 🙂

  9. every ray of light that we shed upon others is reflected upon ourselves. every kind and sympathizing words spoken to the sorrowful, every act to relieve the oppressed, and every gift to the needy, if prompted by a right motive, will result in the blessing to the giver.

    EGW- patriarchs and prophets.

  10. Cant stop the beat of my heart. A very powerful story telling us what we sow is what we gonna reap with extra blessing in life

    I love it.

  11. Thanking you so much for posting such a good and wonder story.
    Its really an emotional and heart touching story.
    I used to share to my friends when I find such kinds of inspirational stories.

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