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 DR APJ Abdul Kalam,Attitude,Inspirational Pictures, Motivational Quotes and ThoughtsAll birds find shelter during a rain . But Eagles avoid rain by flying above the clouds. Problems are common ,but attitude make the difference .
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      1. Sir..I always want to see u..but I m not so fortunate….I m a unfortunate…but I vl always miss ur thoughts and ur love towards the students..miss u.

  1. Today ,1st time i read some inspirational thoughts of Dr Kalam sir’s. . . . . I think , i must start to use before 3-4yrs. . .anyway. . . From today onward to the end of breath . . . .i will keep in my mind . . .

    1. Amol ur absolutely correct I am same thinking like u.One legendary man gone but he inspired thousands and lakhs of upcoming legends.

  2. really we are very inspired and feel proud to be part of such country in which the person like Dr. A.P.J Abadul Kalam born

  3. Every think is possible in this wold nothing is impossible because impossible says
    I m’ possible

  4. hats of u sir …… your wordings simple and heart touching sir . i really proud of u sir . one thing sir your are the role model fr all the student …… in that i am one sir ….. really i like u soooooo much

  5. I am proud of you you are a man which thought some extraordinary your book wing of fire is really very good and i am read this book many time so salut sir

  6. love you Dr Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam reallly god sends you for developing india . thank you . we need you to be again a president of india please ……..

  7. dear dad
    i am proud to say i am daughter of u, because we are all the children of god know, god has given fully protected body & freedom of leaving organs, how we are all great full for that. still somehow we feel bad, get tense, fail in balance etc….in that situation your beautiful & inspirational words gives me an unimaginable strength, zeel, indaminal power etc… to face with the solution after that totally forgets we are not under problems. problems tests us how we are fit for the body of god. yes dad means god. they gives right power to run ahead to reach humanity in all sence of creation. that is what i found & loved ur words, really i am heartly say ur are my dad & god.
    todays my happyness & success, its behind ur words is there. so i am thankfull u sir. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, now i am touching, taking, seeing,dreaming with ur words & phots. i want to see & talk few minutes with u sir. waiting that day, itcomes know, then i am really lucky

  8. If anyone can make me hopeful in my darkest, only your quotes, your life, your motivational statements.
    I am proud be the part of such a country, where You kind of person live. You are incredible sir!
    Hats of to you!!!

  9. Sir, as told by you “I like failures because a failure can only learn the way to success.” Sir I am A.P.S.W.R.S.(Residential school & college). Now I am studying in PACE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCES. When I am in A.P.S.W.R.S. I was taken classes about LEAD INDIA 2020. But now a days no body is discussing about that. So I requesting you to don’t thought as like as a former president of INDIA please thought as an INDIAN citizen and RE-START THE PROGRAM OF LEAD INDIA 2020 to wake all the youth including engineering students.

  10. I first thank .to the mother who gave birth to this genius person……KALAM.There are no words to define this person……He is the farista.sent by god to us…..Sir u r really.great…..hats off to u….

  11. Sir…our school is missing u a lot….ur thoughts..ur life story..ur every moment has some knowledge that should be spreader…miss u sir.

  12. Really Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam was great national hero in ward. I am just passionate about him. His thoughts, his love towards pupils and which way he served him self for nation its just amazing.

  13. I am in my seventies. I feel proud of thousands of youth who feel really inspired by Kalamji. Such persons like Kalamji come to this world rarely… A great loss indeed. Whenever I think of Kalamji, I feel a pang some where in heart… It is for the youth to take to their hearts the words of Kalamji and make India the most developed nation of his vision by 2020… That is the best tribute they can give him .. we have to act… How many Presidents Indian Youth remember… only Kalamji That is what makes him GREAT.

  14. Sir ; u r inspirational quotes really heart touching to me ..u r only in this world who gav us mor inpirational thoughts to us..sir thanks for motivate us …….I really miss u sir…..Thank u so mch….

  15. No one is equal to write the quotes like a Abdul kalam sir we all miss u lot lot am a die Heart fan to u all the time u r only the role model to me

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