12 Tips to stay positive in Negative Situations

  • Positive Thinking - Inspirational Quotes, Pictures and Motivational ThoughtsNever respond when you are not calm. If you are not sure that you are calm, don’trespond. Take time to calm yourself down first.
  • Take a deep breath as a first step to calm yourself down.
  • Speak in gentle tone to reduce the tension of the situation.
  • Realize that you can find opportunities in negative situations. Albert Einstein said: “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”
  • Look at the content of what people say to you for something positivethat you can act upon to improve yourself. Don’t just reject the whole messages.
  • For the rest of the messages which is negative, simply ignore it.
  • Maintain positive view of the people. Maybe you don’t like their messages or behavior, but that doesn’t mean that you can hate them personally.
  • Realize that having negative feelings will just hurt you, not them. So there is no reason for you to have any negative feeling.
  • If you make mistakes, be open to admit it.
  • If you make mistakes, remember this quote by George Bernard Shaw: “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”
  • If you can, listen to motivational audio program to feed positive thoughts into your mind.
  • Talk to a positive friend who can encourage you.
  • Positive Thinking – Inspirational Quotes, Pictures and Motivational Thoughts

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    1. i don’t have all speciality but i’m special in college . this is wonderful life , if we have what we want . it’s really wonder if we have everythink by nothing.

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