Depression : how to battle it…. By Rishika jain

Depression : how to battle it

One of the biggest and most common problems faced by the youth today is depression. At an age where you should be living the magical moments of your life fully and enjoying your youth .. people often fall into the grip of depression.

Depression is a very commonly used term .. a very loose term. Some people may just lose their favourite pen or something insignificant and fall into depression. Some people on the other hand are facing life threatening problems like The Syrians who are also facing depression.

Everybody has problems and
Every problem has a solution.

The best way to battle depression is to look at the positive aspects of any situation. Whenever you feel depressed just sit down close your eyes take a deep breath and try to find out the root cause. Then figure out whether this root cause is significant enough to ruin your day and mental health. 90% of the time you will realise that there is no actual reason to be depressed about. People around the world are going through a lot more. You should feel happy that you are so blessed.

Dependency causes depression. Be content with yourself and who you are. Stop thinking about what other people might say or think. Love yourself. Often people are depressed when someone else passes some comment on them. Take their opinions as a feedback not a judgment.

Depression is a very heavy term. Don’t fall prey to it for problems which often can be handled in may ways.

Try to maintain a positive vibe and aura of calmness around you. Share your problems with your loved ones. Writing down also often helps.

Whenever you see someone else sad or down .. try and reach out to him or her. Extend a helping hand. Good karma always comes back to you.

Being sad or feeling low is a part of life. Acknowledge this. Accept it.

Whenever you feel low do something that you love maybe singing , dancing , writing and the like.
Enjoy your live to the fullest.

Love yourself . Speak yourself . Be YOU!!!

⁃ Rishika Jain

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