Live in the moment …..And find Happiness..By Rishika jain

Live in the moment …..And find happiness

Whenever people are actually happy or are enjoying some precious moments of their life , they ruin it by thinking of when these moments would get over.

Suppose you go on a holiday or a vacation you ruin most of the holiday by thinking of when you would have to go back to your routine life and that you would miss the holiday fun that you are having right now .. but what we do not realise is that we are in that moment right now so instead of wasting it why not enjoy it to the fullest . Stop thinking about what will happen in the future or what has happened in the past. Live in the moment and enjoy the moment or you would always be unhappy. Keep your emotions in your control so that you never feel sad or depressed.

When those happy moments are over and you are back to your normal life , then do not spend time thinking about how much fun it was in the past and how you miss those times. Again you have to live in the moment. Try to find what you like and enjoy it. There is no point in thinking about what was lost. Do cherish the memories but if you do not learn to move on you will be stuck in the past.
The feeling of longing can eat you out, longing for the time spent or longing for the people you spent the time with. These feelings will always make you sad. Instead of longing cherish those memories and look forward to new ones but live in the moment or else you will ruin your present.

Try to involve yourself in doing something you love .. maybe listen to songs , sing , dance or read and write. The sooner you adjust to the present the happier you would be.
It is difficult to get out of the past but you need to train yourself because that is what life is .. it is a balance. Some things are what we need to do even if we do not want to do instead of cribbing just get along with them.

Be happy always because in the end that is what is important. Longing for the past will not change the present it will just ruin it. So live in the moment. All these moments make you whole as a person. Fill yourself with happy memories.  ~Rishika Jain

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