How can you overcome your fear?

What frightens you? How can you overcome your fear?*
One of the greatest prisons people live in, including myself, is the fear of what other people think.
The four triggers that enhance our fear are
Change and Struggle.
These four elements are the cause of our fear every time whether it is a group project or a public speaking event.
*For example:* Imagine yourself in front of a large crowd, you are going up the stage to give your speech but the mike stops working midway, what happens next is that the triggers take place, there is sudden *‘Change’, ‘Uncertainty’* and *‘Attention’* of the whole crowd on you.
After this comes the strange feeling of uneasiness in your stomach, your heart rate increases and fear takes over you.
If the same thing had taken place in an empty room, would you feel the same way? No! You would not because there is no one to judge.
This explains the role of people in our life, we care too much of what other people think.
Being able to fear is the most natural tendency of the human being and overcoming your fear, rather than it, being a natural tendency, is a skill than can be built over a period of time.
Getting out of our comfort zone will definitely panic us out but that is a signal that we are in a learning experience. Thus we should use and feel the fear because at the end, what is being fearless? It is being able to use the fear in your own way.
This underscores why we need to train and condition our mind so the tail is not wagging the dog. This will help you focus on your skills and abilities rather than others’ opinions…….~ By Suhani jain

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