Try to Achieve Higher Knowledge – Shakespeare…

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Shakespeare’s Mother Said to him
“You are very weak in English If you fail this time,I will not let you continue your studies.”
Shakespeare did not pass M.A.English. But now no one can pass M.A. English without reading Shakespeare.

Don’t try to achieve the higher degrees but always try to achieve higher knowledge….

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Happiness lies in Harmony of Thoughts, Words, Action and Deeds …..

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Happiness is when … What you think , What you say and What you do are in Harmony   ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Such a Beautiful Thought – If we can bring our Thoughts, Words and Deeds in harmony we can truly explore our potential, talent and capability by channelizing our energies towards realizing the purpose of life… Truly Happiness lies in the harmony of thoughts, words, action and deeds….


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