Tears of Joy…. Experience for Life…

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If tears of love, joy, and bliss…..have not washed your cheeks….. You are yet to taste life…..

There are times in our life when our heart just opens up and tears roll down in happiness, when we are truly happy which no words can explain…the experience which cannot be expressed…. the tears say it all…. to give an experience and memories which lasts a life…

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6 Rules to be HAPPY……

Happiness Quotes, Pictures, 6 rules to be happy - Inspirational Pictures and Motivational Quotes

6 Rules to be HAPPY: Free your heart from hatred; Free your mind from worries; Live simply; Expect less; Give more & Always have ME as your FRIEND

Simple and Inspiring Rules. Simple…… but Not Easy …….and that is what makes the difference. We all know about the rules , but the question is Do we Practice? More so the real test lies in practicing these rules in challenging times.

These Life’s little Instructions are the Keys to Happiness!!!!

Happiness– Inspirational Quotes, Motivational Thoughts and Pictures

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