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Welcome to Rishika Jain Inspirations (RJI)

The intention of this site is to “Reach Out, Inspire & Touch Hearts”. Please take out time to Read and Contemplate on a Good Thought Daily. It is the best gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones.

Hi , I am Rishika Jain. I am in Class VII… My Mom maintains this page now a days

In this last Summer Vacation (May 2010) , all my friends went to their native place. I was getting bored at home and had lot’s of free time. My father told me to start writing good thoughts & quotes of great people. He also gave me a nice diary. After some days, I wanted to share my collection of quotes with my friends and relatives. Then , my mama and I decided to use the internet to share the collection.

Along with my father’s help we set up this site. I want to thank my parents for all their support.

My mom is the one who inspires and constantly supports me in maintaining this site and she truly is , now , the source of inspiration for this site. In fact my MOM maintains the site now-a-days, when I am busy with school. Together we will use this site to preserve good thoughts to inspire myself and others. We hope to leave the world a little better, a little inspired & we will keep trying…

Read and Contemplate on a Good Thought Daily. It enriches the soul. With great care and passion, we update the site every day with inspirational quotes and pictures. The intention is to Reach out & Touch Hearts. Please share with your loved ones.

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We thank you friends and fans of our site for your wholehearted support

(1) Majority of the images and photographs we use are our own clicked and many are sent to us by friends, family and our fans. We take all efforts to give credit to the photographers for the images which we take from the internet, wherever there is information. In case you come across a photograph, which you feel is your’s without a credit, please inform us. We will either remove the image or give credit.

(2) The information provided in Health Inspirations is of general nature and for informational purpose only.Please consult your own physician or appropriate health care provider about the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your own symptoms or medical conditions. Thank you and Have a Healthy life.

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300 Replies to “About RJI”

  1. Rishika Rani,

    I am so delighted to see you are using your time wisely during your summer break, and by doing this you are inspiring all of us, young and old, to be better and to think better! You are a special child with amazing ability!! Keep it up and I shall pass this blog to your sisters (cousins). We love you!
    All the best and looking forward to more inspirations!!

    Yours, Preeti Bhua

    1. Hi Rishika,
      Previously I look for other sites where I found some good thoughts but when I reached to your site, I will follow your site everyday.

      Thank you for writing good thoughts.


  2. Hi Rishika,

    You might not know me but you can ask your parents….we saw you when you were just three year old…..I really like the idea and your appreciate your good thinking. Even though this was your daddy’s idea but since you followed it by heart that makes them more proud.

    I will show this to my 7 year old to get some inspiration 🙂


    Charu Auntie

  3. Hi Kapil,
    It is very interesting blog.
    It made me fresh.
    I am forwarding this to my friends.
    Congratulations to Rishika for her creativity.
    – Manoj

  4. Kapil – Congratulations on your daughters achivements… its very good. pl convey my blessings to her. GOD bless her. – jaishree

  5. Surely wonderful collection Kapil. Give my love and best wishes to Rishika and encourage her to pursue this hobby since it can change the ways of life.

    All the best.


  6. Hi Rishika,
    I just can’t believe you’ve grown this big with all these wonderful thoughts. Keep up the good work. I’m sure you are going to make your parents very very proud.
    God Bless You
    Priya Aunty

  7. Hi Rishika,
    This is extremely wonderful. You have done an awesome job and I am sure your parents are very proud of you. I will be showing this to my girls and hopefully they recieve some inspiration from you….. Hope to see you soon. I would like to meet you before I leave to US.

  8. I am a friend of your father. Your fathers idea is good and your resoponse is fantastic. Keep it up. God bless you.

  9. this is realy something good and creative to keep u in touch with everyone and give us some nice thoughts

  10. Yours thoughts are wonderful and inspiring. My blessing to continue doing this with great luv and compassion.
    I always look forward to read ur thoughts shares by Shobhana in facebook and post some to my profile – which hv touched my heart.
    with loads of luv and blessings
    Sarita Shetty

  11. Hi Rishika , Very great inspirations and thiughts. I will be your regular reader

    to get motivated . Good Luck for your very good work. Thanks for posting these also.


    1. Hello Krishnaji.. Thank you for liking RishikaJain Inspirations .. If you are on facebook you can also join — also will aprpeciate if you could please spread the message — Rishika’s Mom – Shobhana

  12. this is realy something good and creative to keep u in touch with everyone and give us some nice thoughts

    Wish you good luck.

    god bless you

  13. WOW Rishika!!! What a remarkable performance from someone only 9 years old! This is definitely one of my most visiting site from now onwards. What a great Inspiration your giving for us. Fantastic work girl, You just made your way up into the “Absolutely Phenomenal” section of my favorites list! Thank you for blessing us with your gift, and may G-d Bless you in return!

  14. Hi Rishika & Hi Mam(Rishika’s mom),

    I am an HR of a Famous software company.
    Daily I have to put up a Thought Of The Day in my staff cafeteria.
    I used to check many sites but those were not so interesting and neither motivational , but incidentally I came through your site and posted one of your picture thought in my Cafeteria.
    The response on the TOD was awesome .From that day I decided If there would be anythought posted on my Company’s wall it would be only from Rishika Jain’s site.

    Take Care…
    Best Wishes.

    1. Dear Rani – We wish to express our deep gratitude to you. God Bless you for your supportive comments. We are so happy that you liked our efforts. Best Wishes and success to you and your company…. Thank you.

  15. Hii dear,,

    Thanks for such an awesome work.

    You seem to me to be a God Send.

    I m Indebted to u child, God bless u.. For this.

    Thanks dear So much,,,,
    love u…

  16. Rishika i am very happy to say that you are doing very good job to spread your inspiration when i was in face book i always read your powerful message.
    keep it up and god bless you……..

  17. really surprised rishika………. you are tooooooooo young and doing great job………god bless you and your thoughts will always be in right direction………you really make my day……….love you angel…………

  18. Amazing and Impressive Rishika!!
    It is so nice to know that a little girl can inspire the lot… God Bless you!!

  19. lil Rishika carry on the task. u r lucky to have such devoted parents. god bless u. ur quote might change someones life some day.keep it up.

  20. Rishika,………

    I thought u r some 24 to 25 years old….. Hey u r tooo goood dear… u ve a bright future ahead… lovely thoughts sweety….:)

  21. I have tha habbit of sending Good Morning!!! mails to my colleagues. Internet search for apt words/ pictures helped me to reach your site. I never ever thought that you were this young…..!( much young than my daughters…!)

    May GOD bless you… Keep this good work…. Your pictures & wordings is a very good & positive start for a hectic day…!!!

  22. hii rishika and faimly..
    its really nice to see a 10 year girl is so sensible… u r gr8 rishika. and i would like to thank ur faimly to support u like that..
    i saw this blog today and become a fan of urs…
    i save this blog as a home page…
    really apriciated rishika.. keep it up..
    tell us more something ot and ur faimly…
    im eager to knw bot u and ur faimly…

  23. Hi Rishika ,
    Hey i thought you are 25 years old but your are very too good ya, you have bright future ahead keep it up. am realy like your habits and nice to see all nice thoughts.
    Very great job and great inspirations and thoughts. I will be your regular reader to get motivated,

    Basavaraj Mandewal

  24. Hi Rishika ,

    You not only make your arents proud,
    U become a Doctor by providing medicine to lots of people in the form of inspiration which is more needed for todays world. I hope this world changes a little by your inspirations and becomes better.
    All I am doing is hoping for the best world and blessing you to continue this.

    1. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Really appreciate it. God Bless you and wish you lots of success

  25. Hi Rishika!

    You are doing great job. Keep it Up. I daily read your inspirational thougths and become motivated. Congratulations. God Bless you and wishing You success.


  26. You have a really wonderful site here….thank you so much! I love the quotes and the photos/art work! Brings a big smile of appreciation to my face… : ) kathy ps..wait a minute…did I see that you are 10 years old?? awwww…special! thanks!

  27. gr888 job rishika..it’s one of my favourite page……..in such a small age u r so intelligent to make such beautiful portal……..heads off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Hi Rishika.I am surprised to learn that you are just 10 years old.Such Inspiring thoughts with extremely good pictures,Kudos to u n your parents.I send daily Morning mail’s from your thought’s.Keep it going.From the very childhood if u develop such healthy thought’s,Life will be gr8.All the best to u.

    1. Thank you so very much. And thank you for stopping by. Reaching out and Touching Hearts is our mission. If we are able to bring a smile, motivate, spread joy and happiness even to 1 person – daily, we consider our effort a success.

  29. My sincere thanks to you and every one in your team who all are contributing in this wonderful work.. The best thing we can do for any one is never let his hopes die… thanks for spreading motivation all around.
    God Bless !!!

  30. Hai Rishika,First off all Thanks for giving us this website and All the best for ur bright ideas and thoughts etc.,

  31. very inspirable..some images and quotes are implanting the thgt dat dont see the prob in magnifyn mirror..see as simple as it is..

    good work..

  32. Hi Rishika!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i was going through some emotional turmoil.accidently landed up on ur blog and my worries not gone but regain strength to solve it.Thanks a lot to you and ur family fr imbibing such good values.

    1. Dear Ritesh – Thank you for your kind words. We wish that you spring back to happiness as soon as possible… Pain and Pleasure are two sides of a coin…At a time we can see only one side but remember the other one waiting for it’s turn. Best wishes – Shobhana./ Rishika

  33. Hi dear ,your website is sooooooooooooooooooo much beautiful,thank u soo much , god blest u and your family,.
    can i use your picture in my webloge ?
    i live in iran.thanks

  34. hi rashika,
    today i got a mail tht had some pics from your website . i followed you through your link (rishikajain.com) i impressed that you are only 11 year old and did a great job . I absolutely adore you. Love this with all my heart! You are an amazing artist and spirit.GOD bless u

  35. Thank you for your work.
    I would like permission to use the photos of animals which are credited to you, for greeting cards or calendars or other items which we sell to raise funds in order to treat and care for animals of the indigent. We can not afford to pay a fee.
    Heather Pieterse

    1. Dear Sir/Mam – Thank you for your liking our page. You may please use the pictures and quotes from our site. However please also refer to the ‘Privacy & Disclaimer’ at the bottom of the site, before doing so. Thank you and best wishes for your noble cause. – Shobhana Jain/Rishika Jain.

  36. GREAT JOB…

  37. Hi Rishika,
    Commendable job & a noble gesture! So young, yet interested to keep on inspiring. I do appreciate the support of your parents. I admire & enjoy the inspiring thoughts & apt pictures. Keep it Up!

  38. Hi Mr. Rishika Jain I would like to thank you for your effort and contribution for all the kind and inspirational thoughts.In a way it is soothing and comforting to read and the readers should also make and effort to realize what they believe.Thank you again and keep it up.By the way I have a quote for sharing, [Talking throughout the world and not utter a foul word.Walking throughout the world and not commit a bad deed.]

  39. Hi Rishika,
    I have subscribed to your quotes and am receiving it everyday too. But more than my mails its your quote that I read everyday and it seems like it is reading my mind too and bringing clarity to my thoughts. I feel it is Godsend. Bless you baby. I am sharing your quotes on FB so that it reaches out to many more. The response has been overwhelming and when ppl ask where i get such beautiful quotes from, I don’t forget to thank you everytime.

  40. The quotes are very inspirational, but would be even better, if you would use bible verses from the word of God for some of them

  41. Hi Rishika, You are amazing!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think you would be only 11 years old. Kudos to you and your mom. If you can inspire millions at this tender age, you can really, really churn out wonders. Way to Go Rishika. Our prayers and blessings are always with you and your family. God bless you dear.

  42. Dear Rishika,

    Since the moment I found this site, its been inseparable part of my life.
    Best thing I like about it is, each day I get new quote on home page.
    At times, this really helps me getting out of my blues.
    It would not be wrong if I say that it heels & enriches my soul 🙂

    So, Keep touching a million hearts & Yes,
    “Life is an echo – what you send out comes back” so lets try it out by sending Love 🙂

  43. to Spread it more ..

    Dear Rishika,
    When we feel down and want to stand up, our mind give us 2 keywords “inspirational quotes”.. But when we type the same on Google, we dont find your site..Even I too found your site accidently..

    We find your site when we type “inspirational quotes pictures”..

    Please ask your technical team to make this site easily available, so that it can touch more n more hearts 🙂

  44. Dear Rishika,

    It’s a great job! I get inspired by your inspirational thoughts! They do touch my heart!

    Thank you so much!



  45. Hi.
    I just come to now that you are just 11 years old i am sur. to read your thots.



  46. Rishika,

    I see you as a little angel trying to spread happiness.

    God bless you! I am sure you are one of the best children of God.

    Hats off to you and your sweet Mom.

    Lots of Love,

    most beautiful Quotes of life….. first thing morning it really really brightens up the start of
    a wonderful day !! thank for for this continuous inspiration….
    i believe it will be a sin not to share this to as many ppl as possible


  48. you are “God sent angel”,your blog saved me,I am returned with full energy, getting more during daily visit to your site.being a R.K.M student try to feel and follow Swamijee,But I was just at the verge of breakdown finding no way,your site shown me a sky full of light,I must pay thanks to God,Your parents and you,Keep it up,God sent you to help people like us.you are great and genius born with God’s puposefull blessings.
    Long way to go. Best Wishes,
    May I call you Little MOM?

    1. We are so delighted to be of some help… Thank you for your kind wishes. Wish you all the very best life has to offer and more… Shobhana/Rishika

  49. Amazing work.I just noticed your age,its really Outstanding.I can see this is quite add free site.All the maintaining cost are bearing by family members.You can earn millions from this site and later donate some money in charity too.Best Wishes:):)

  50. Hi Rishika Dear – I am truly amazed with the fact that during summer vacation, when most of the kids your age are watching TV or playing games online, you decided to spend your time so wisely. Both you and your mom are a true inspiration to people of all ages. What a great idea! Keep it up. I also have two daughters little older than you (13 years). I will tell them to visit your site everyday. I will definitely start my day with visiting your site first. Love You! God Bless You!

  51. Hey Rishika!
    I’m really inspired with your thoughts and also the way u utilized ur vacations. I’ld also cultivate a habit of using my time wisely.

  52. Thanks for all what u have done bcoz these inspirational thoughts help me to motivate myself & be cont.

  53. this is awesome u doing a very good job .pat on your and mummys back as i use it daily to inspire me
    thanks to both of u

  54. Its Gr8 JOB Rishika
    Wishing you a many more sucess to come.
    u ahve supprot u have talent u have time and u have courage.
    Its good to share Thoughts and Quotes.
    But i wana suggest you to write some book, novel etc. with our own thoughts and feeling.
    It will enhance ur talent and productivity and Interest

    Wishing u a wonderful Life

  55. you have one of the best quotes and images I’ve encountered and really love visiting your site just to unwind and be inspired….may you continue to inspire people with your inspiring messages…it really touches the soul of everyone… nice to know you and your site…keep up the good work…may God continue to bless you and your family…^_^

  56. hi rishika i would like to sent some quotes and inspirations to you can u please supply me with an e-mail address. This is truely awesome and i am very grateful for that u and mummy are doing

  57. very nice dear

    very good collection

    bravo !!bravo

    I hardly appreciate anyone because of I am self very innovative but You are more than me

    much more than me

    keep it up !!!

  58. Hi Rasika

    At age of 9 you are doing such wonderful job. Keep it up
    May Lord Ganesha always pour to you wonderful Thoughts
    Ganesha always bless you and your family.

  59. Actually I saw a quote-pic on facebook few months back citing this website.. I went through this website at that time but din’t spend more than 2 minutes. Today I again saw a pic from this website in my newsfeed and got curious about the compiler. amazing to know that a young girl is the person behind it!! Great job, i must say. Its spreading. Keep it up. Best wishes.
    Jai Guru Dev

  60. Hi Rishika

    i am Lalitha i am working for an IT company and one day while i was feeling so sad and then one of my friend send me quote from your site regarding positive thinking and being happy,you will never belive that mail will be in my INBOX where daily i will read it and start my work it was so inspiring and later daily i keep reading your quotes amd keep farwarding it to my frineds and family members

    i am very thankful for your parents and you tooo
    you have got such a lovely parents and ofcourse they are blessed to have a child like you
    may god bless you all and keep posting and i will keep reading

    thank you so so much 🙂
    this will be my most memorable day ever

    Lalitha 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. Really happy that we could make some difference in your life. Remember the spark lies within each and everyone, we are just helping find it….in the process helping ourselves as well…. All the best life has to offer. Stay Healthy Keep Happy. Shobhana/Rishika

  61. Hi,

    Thanks a lottttttt !
    You really Touch Hearts
    Your wrk make me speechless its too gud
    Keep it up and keep on going…….
    God bless You & your family

  62. Wow!!! Well done Rishika, you are truly blessed. Thank you for your amazing work. You certainly are an inspiration to us all. ( 2012) You are in the business of ‘Touching Lives”, a God given task so continue to accomplish your ” Purpose”. It’s really great that you have a mum that is so supportive of you, continue to appreciate and honour her. May God richly bless you in all that you do. Keep the wheels turning girl as you endeavour to steer this complicated world in the right direction.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments. Really appreciate it. As we keep saying, each and every appreciation means a million to us. So happy that we are able to make a difference in our own small way. Take care and may your hear’s wishes come true. Shobhana/Rishika

  63. “Everything happens for a reason” You & your parents have instil in you the most important piece of life’s journey. Servicing others. give inspiration & motivation. All will come back to you & yours. Blessing


  64. Hi Rishika !
    I have this page very inspiring to myself & it also inspires people who cultivate positive thoughts forever. keep us posted like this

    Tulsi Gyawali

  65. Hi Rishika, love your website. Thank you for sharing.
    May I have your permission to use some of the quotes for my blog. Thank you.

    Have a nice day, warm regards.

    1. Thank you so much. Please feel free to use the quotes and pictures. Will appreciate if you could give credit. Thank you so much and best wishes to you. Shobhana/Rishika Jain

      1. Hi Shobhana/Rishika,

        Thanks you so much, my dear. I’ll credit your site, will use it for my next posting.

        I really do enjoy all the quotes and beautiful pictures, all are excellent. You and your parents are doing a great job by giving us the inspiration, motivation and think positive in our daily life.

        Have a nice day, warm regards from Malaysia. God Bless.

  66. dear Rishika Jain….thank you so much for sharing such a nice thoughts in a very attractive way, I am regular reader of your page right now…
    again thanks to you and your parents such a great effort, keep it up!

  67. I Rameez ahmed wants to say that all your pics and quotation r damn good..Its simply incredible..i am totally enchanted by your great skill of putting something extra ordinary..i am your biggest fan and I am some1 who don’t like to visit lot of website but I always visit yours..as it gives me immense pleasure to visit yours..really at the end i want to say Hats off to U…

    1. Dear Leena –
      We are more than Happy to share this wonderful & noble cause on on our site. Thank you so much. & Best wishes. Shobhana.

  68. Dear Rishika,
    Greetings Dear…!!!!!!!!..trust you are doing well….!!!!!!..{Must..Must Read…..&….Essentially Worth Sharing..}….I`d be glad to get a one liner…….that you liked it…

    “I am talking about a fighter pilot from the Vietnam War era who was in a restaurant, when a man approached him and said hello and explained that he was a sailor on the pilot’s ship. The pilot, a Captain, didn’t recognize the man. The man went on to explain he was not only a sailor on the ship, but he was also the one in charge of packing the Captain’s parachute. The Captain still didn’t recognize him, but said “thank you,” and that he would like to keep in touch.
    The Captain and the sailor then said their goodbyes. Afterward, the Captain began to think about the fact that here was this sailor, who spent hours and hours making sure that the parachute was packed with precision, knowing it could save someone’s life—his life—and he didn’t even know him! Then he thought about the hundreds, even thousands of other sailors and crewmembers who were in some part responsible for his life during the war. He also thought about how arrogant he was back then; he was a Captain, a fighter pilot, and these other people were just sailors. He felt remorse about that and decided to speak out about those folks who “packed his parachute” back then, and even those who do it today.”

    I found myself glued to the story, so much so that I decided as, that I would do and acknowledge those professionally (I will acknowledge my personal parachute packers off line), who pack my parachute now and have done so for the last so many years of my journey into life, career,& self actualization. Those people who have supported me overtly, and some who probably don’t even know they pack my parachute (but they do), because they provide inspiration through their posts/tweets/calls.
    God Bless !!!!!!!!!
    Umesh Batra
    Head (Placements & Corporate Relations) at Bansal School of Engineeing & Technology

  69. Sounds good to have a motivational thoughts and stories… It really works for people who are depressed and fallen in their way of life.
    But I am sure someone will learn a new way of life after reading these stories.
    All the best to you and your team.

  70. Hi Rishika,

    I Really inspired by U and your collection..I read your collection every day and feel / sees all changes in my Thoughts / life ……

    Best of Luck and continued the same…

    Sanjay Gaikwad.

  71. Awesome….. Rishika u done good wrk and u spent yr valuable time to make this site…
    after reading this all thought’s people will get sure success in his life…..
    amazing website by Rishika .

    1. Thank You for visiting. Each appreciation means a lot to us and encourages us to continue working on this site. Please do share with friends and family. Best.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments and welcome to our Home…Page… please do share with friends and family… Best wishes.

  72. Hi Little Angel,

    U are awesome…….

    My day starts with visiting ur website. It’s give me power to move on..

    I really appreciate the work that u and ur parents have done..

    I am sending wishes to god to bless u each & everything u want in ur life.

    But aap jaise hai waise hee rehna…

    Love u a lot..

      1. Dear Rishika,

        I was searching the quotes and hv founf this website hv read that and its really nice. its very nice thing u r doing as its not only the quotes but also the reading material helps the reader to make self a btter thinker or better person.

        u r one of cute thought person in world ur quotes in info very much attractive as well as its help the reader to improve self and develop the positive attitude in lyf…

        The thinking behind this is really appreciated also wants to thnk u and ur mom and dad who suppoprted u in our work.

        In last i want to u suggest that the u can add more stuff in ur web site so that user can read it for e.g now a days the STRESS level of human are increasing whcih affects various aspect of there lyf like personal as well as professional.

        there are many more things which need to be added which make this website a great high…

        best of Luk.


        1. Dear Sir –
          Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Really appreciate it. We will try to add some more features in future to our site. Best wishes. Please share with friends and family.

  73. Hi Rishi,

    You are god sent angel on earth, thank you for sharing your work with us, I
    really enjoy your pages. God bless and all the best.

  74. It’s too Good to read each & every one touches the Heart & motivated too….

    Very nice work introduce in this smaller Edge & also thanks to your parents that helps you very well for this type of Website……

  75. hello rishika very nice thought you have
    but one request is that can u send me those sms on my mobile number 9595690025
    i will be remain thankful to u
    jai jinendra

  76. Hi Rishi,

    I can’t believe that you did this at such a small age. This itself is so inspirational. And by the way thanks for such a medium to share such wonderful thoughts and sayings with all. You have a bright future ahead.. Wish you Luck.

    Kalpesh Jain

  77. awesome quote collection dear……!!

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    इस वेबसाईट को मैंने पढ़ा और अब भी पढ़ता ही जा रहा हूँ ,बहुत ही मोटिवेशन महसूस कर रहा हूँ |अच्छी तरह जीने के लिए जो चाहिए इस पर सबकुछ हैं |

  79. rishika,
    GOD bless u with more obidience,sincierity and with beautiful heart. I salute ur parents first for encouraging and showing the right path for child.Generally in this competative world parents always wants their child to learn more extra curricular activities.But ur parents are really the true parent who wants to be a human first.

  80. Hi Rishika,

    Hats off to your work and Tripple Hats off to your parents for leading you in the right direction and supporting you thereafter.
    I just want to wish you Good Luck for your future life.
    Can you provide us with some email where I can send some of my collection so that you can add them to your share list and may be on the site.

    Best Regards,
    Mayur Mehta.

  81. congratulations, this is amazing what you are doing, you and your parents, you give people a sparkle of light, we need a lot of people like you …….Wish you the very best with this … the universe bless you !

  82. rishika, not only ur quotes ur images also sooooooooooooooooo beatiful which seems to have a magic of healing injured hearts too !! thanq sooooo much rishika.

  83. Hi Rishika Jain – from one proud Indian to another!

    I just now got to know of this site and related Facebook page – and your collection of quotes are mind-blowing. I have a parenting page on Facebook and would like to share some of your photo quotes on parenting in time. I hope you will visit and say Hello to us at http://www.facebook.com/ConsciousParentingApproach – see you there!!

    Keep up the good work and thank you for spreading inspiration in the lives of so many across the world!!

  84. I am Ishika Jain and I live in the United States of America. I was really inspired by your thoughts and sharing with everyone in the world. I am 6 years old and I feel to do something great like you.
    All the best, lets be friends.


  85. Hellow Rishika.I am a 62yrs.old dad with two beautifull graduate children.A girl with a b.comm.degre & a boy with an information tecnology honours degree.I am so proud & humbled by a 9yrs. old wizard.lots & lots of love.May u continue to inspire the world.

  86. Just want to say Thank You to all the people connected with this site, for enriching everybody’s lives with such lovely thoughts and images.

  87. Hi Rishika,

    Thankyou So Much dear.
    You done such a Wonderful Job……

    I Really Appriciate You and Ur parents…..

  88. Rishika – May I share your story “Life is Not a Sharp Knife…” shared on FB by “Be Legendary” as a guest post on my website “Plain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom” at http://plaintalkandordinarywisdom.com?

    It has a great message I would like to share and would give proper credit to honor reserved copyrights. Can you please also let me know how I can proper share and give credit for the picture as well?

    Thank you for considering this request.

  89. Dear Rishika,
    This is an amazing effort that you and your mom are putting together to inspire so many people around the globe!
    I am touched and inspired by how a tool available (Internet) to all is being put to good use by you. This is the difference you can make when RIGHT DIRECTION is given to kids at young age by their parents!
    Best Wishes!

    Aparna Jain Goyal

  90. Wow!!! Well done Dear Rishika,
    U are truly blessed my dear. & Thanks a lot for your amazing work…Outstanding job!! Actually i was going through some emotional turmoil, Accidentally landed up on ur blog and my worries not gone but regain strength to solve it. Thanks a lot to u & ur family for imbibing such good values….!!!

    LOTS OF WISHES TO U & Family -:)

    Er. Anshu Jain
    (Bilaspur -CG)

  91. Dear Rishika,
    Hi! I want to let you know that this site always inspire me all the short stories and quotes and all the information about health. You’re really awesome and I really like to share it to others.
    Thank you for sharing all these things in your sites. Praise God for making you a great instrument to inspire others.
    You’re so GREAT and your family too. Godbless and please keep updating 🙂

  92. Hello Rishika,

    Have you guys seen the movie Avtar.I just read in your email the story where Dad is waiting for his son in jail to help him in his garden and the son find some way.Getting inspiration from that story and also from following link I just thought to ask your parents how is the idea to extend the website quotation idea further to first begin with helping non residents to take care of parents back in India.It is so taxing sometimes for us overseas that parents as an instance keep on struggling with existing not the best help but cannot allow children to get best quality service for them as that is costly.If your parents have found this existing idea then I need not to elaborate furtherThey are cops for me to dig further in the matter.Say my hello to your parents.Here is the link.In fact I got this idea from one comments in the link. http://newoldage.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/04/05/caregiving-from-another-continent/

  93. Dear Parents & Rishika,

    Just wanted to let you know that you are doing a great job from this site.
    It gives a lot of motivation and inspiration in this fast moving life.

    Keep up the great work, let me know if you need any IT help, as I’m workin
    in the IT industry.


  94. Dear Rishika

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn’t know that you are still at school, you have achieved a lot at this young age. I thought that you must be someone middle aged, my congratulations to you and your parents for this lovely site. Keep up the good work.


  95. It takes extraordinary effort to ‘inspire people’ given enormous yet unique emotions and perceptions each individual has. And Rishika, and do at such a young age is amazing!. All the very best. God Bless……

  96. Hi Rishika,

    Hats off to you for your such a lovely effort & to your parents for leading you in the such a sweet right direction & supporting you on every step.

    I just want to wish you Best of Luck for your future life.

    Can you provide me with some email id where I can send some of nice pics we may be of ur use.

    The other day I had come across a photo of my nephew with my neice-in-law on their marriage day which took place at Kolkata with a quote “The most beautiful clothes that can dress a woman are the arms of the man she loves”.

    Best Regards,

  97. Hi Rishika,
    Your thought of spreading good messages is reaching not only people but their hearts too, your site creating a wave of inspiration in everyone who go through.

    Vinodh Kumar

    1. Thank you Sir for your kind words. Your words of appreciation means a lot to us. Best wishes to you and your loved ones. Stay Happy.

  98. Any effort for bringing happiness in others life is always a noble work. I respect and support your efforts sincerely.

  99. Hi Rishika
    As long as you put in the work,
    You can own the dream.
    so, All the best.
    Your site is really worthing reading

  100. Hi Rishika
    As long as you put in the work,
    You can own the dream.
    so, All the best.
    Your site is really worth reading

  101. Mem,

    I have just visited your site. I am greatly amozed to read the thoughts presented by you.
    Really exiting thoughts.
    I just think that who[You} read these thoughts everyday, How motivational person she is in real???? so want tomeet earliest.

  102. My sincere thanks to you and every one in your team who all are contributing in this wonderful work.. The best thing we can do for any one is never let his hopes die… thanks for spreading motivation all around.
    God Bless !!!

  103. u r so creative wid happy soul…..feeling really happy jz bcz u hv started to give inspiration in early age champ…one more thng i hv seen frst tym dat jain’s child also hv creatv soul for inspiring othr one…proud to be jain…gbu keep blogging..!!!! jaijinendra

  104. Hi Rishika,

    You and your Mother are doing noble job in the world, why because you people are dealing with attitudes of the people so as to think, nurture and Change theirs.
    humble begining still a strong one i would say……

    all the best. Thanks & regards,

    J Joe

  105. a great , wonderful and mind blowing step……… its a great collection…… im searching from a long time for this type of web site…….. please continue with great matters…………………….

  106. Hi Rishika
    I would like to mention some quotes by Swami Vivekananda:

    “I am indebted to my mother for the efflorescence of my knowledge.”– Vivekananda

    Swami Vivekananda said, “He who cannot literally worship his mother can never become great.”

    I must tell you that you must feel BLESSED to have such an inspiring mother and I’m 100% sure she would mould your character in such a way that one day people will recognize you for who you are and inspire others from your own life experience.

    Blessings and Love to you,
    Teja 🙂

    1. Thank you Sir for your kind words. Really means a lot to us. We are so very glad that you liked our page. Please do share with loved ones. Keep Happy and remain inspired. Thanks once again.

  107. Hi Rishika
    One of my friends sent me a photograph on WhatsApp with a beautiful message. This was from your website. Out of curiosity I logged on to it. The hard work you have put in to make this website is truly commendable. The thoughts, the sayings, the photographs, everything is too good. Keep it up.

    1. Dear Sir – Each word of appreciation means millions to us. It also encourages us and ensures that we are on the right track. Thank you for your kind words. Best wishes to you and your loved ones. After all life is all about staying inspired and inspiring others. Rest all is illusion…….

  108. A small suggestion … If you change the order of Responses ( Latest on TOP ) it would be great … so people would know when and who has posted recently …

    on a positive note … the quotes are good & one must try to implement in life !!

  109. You are an amazing child Rishika, Salute to you and your parents who inspire you to build this website. I would like to quote on quote for you.

    People who change after change, will survive.People who change with the change,will succeed.People who cause the change, will lead….

  110. I come a cross the post with pic on the wall of renowned Gujarati writer and columnist and my FB friend – Jay Vasavada. With utmost curiosity, i visit this web site, with imagination in mind that RISHIKA JAIN an aged, matured lady or some spirituality or motivational leader/speaker as admin of this site. but its great pleasant surprise to know about Rishika. God Bless You Dear Angel. really really like the concept and work. It would be my pleasure to provide good pics, shoot by me. keep rocking.. best wishes !!

  111. hi u are doing a great jo God bless and multiple what you are are doing this means a lot to us keep it up l love you so much

  112. i can’t tell you in words how wonderful and astonishing this site is …. i never thought i will find all the most beautiful words and thoughts in a same place ! your work is really worthy … i love it !!!

  113. Rishika, u r an amazing kid. I m in awe of all ur quotes. U dont know how much impact ur quotes make on people’s lives. I wait every morning for ur quotes to cum into my mail box.
    God bless u n kudos to ur mom n dad for their support.
    Keep going pretty gal

  114. salam i,m hamid of iran .i love your site .is very enioyment. i,m mosalman.helth for you.pleas answer to me and my email.tanks.i stood wait.

  115. Hey Rishu .. are you from Jaipur … I thought I knew you … well nice quotes you got … appreciation .. kudos dear .. keep up the good work (y)

  116. Hi!

    This website is tooooo…………………..good.I am reading this website from about one or two months.There are many heart touching stories,quotes,thoughts,etc which are really inspirable. I am really very much encouraged,inspired,an heart touched from your website.

    Thanks for making this wonderful site.

    I have an quote:

    “God wove a web of loveliness
    of clouds and stars and birds,
    But made not anything at all
    So beautiful as words.”
    -H. A. Branch.

    Thanks once again.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind and inspiring words …….Wonderful quote…. I will definitely share on my site .

    2. Its always welcome.

      Dear RJI,
      I have n some other quotes also:

      1. A smile is quite funny thing,
      It wrinkles up your face,
      And when its gone,you never find
      Its secret hiding place.

      2. But far more wonderful it is
      To see what smiles can do;
      You smile at one, he smile at you,
      And so one smile makes two.

      3. Now since a smile can do a great good
      By cheering hearts of care,
      Lets smile and smile, and not forget
      That smile go everywhere


  117. Divine thought that you have been inspired by God to create such a wonderful web site . Your web site is very good and have heart touching stories, quote and many more..

    Thank you very much and keep it up

  118. My Dear Rishika Jain,
    You are inspiring every one by your incredible work and enriching every one with your thought provoking words. You are doing this with the God’s will. Thank God. You are enriching every soul just like the real spiritual master. God Bless You my child.
    With regards
    Chellappa Sadasivan

  119. Hi sister Rishika;
    A real truth is the day is not complet without reading ur inspiring taughts really good. I pry to good may much more parents blassed like u & ur parents keep it up my heartly wishes for ur journey.


  120. Hi Rishik – Wonderful. Great Job done by you and credit to your parents.
    My day start with Good Morning quote from my loved one.

  121. rishika you are god gifted kids beacause your thougts and thinking level is very good ,this straingth god giveing to special one for spreading hapiness,sucusss,trust,impower,motivate to pepole……..

  122. Hi Rishika,
    very good start and its gave motivation to do some good thing for our people.
    i have a request , can you make translate also on this website in Hindi so it
    will be useful for many.
    God Bless you

  123. Hello Rishika

    I don’t have words to praise for what you have done. Actually once in life I thought of the same thing writing thoughts of great personalities but due to studies and hectic life just couldn’t or you can say due to my laziness it is how I put it. But your site has helped me a lot to get up in life. May GOD bless you. If anybody really want to mend their lives can just absorb all the golden saying and you are done.

    Thank you

  124. Hi Rishika,
    I m Regular follower of ur Inspiring words through Facebook Page..M glad to read each & Every inspiring n motivating Lines..Good Job..Really Awesome Idea by ur Dad..Greate..!! Thank You..Keep it up…All the very best Rishika n Family 🙂

  125. Hi rishika
    First of all i congrats u for your great work. I like ur inspiring post which are really helpful. Its also inspiring me that you do this work at the age of 9 year.Great Inspiring. तुम निश्चित रूप से जीवन बहुत उच्च मुकाम प्राप्त करोगी। best of luck keep it up.

  126. it is really good job for inspiration, by regular positive thoughts we get inhence our positive energy.
    With best regards,

  127. Durga Puja is Bengal’s Greatest Festival. We expected Rishika Jain to come out with some beautiful Puja Greetings. Apart from West Bengal there are Tripura and Bangladesh where Bengali is spoken and Bengali culture is being followed. Without Durgapuja Bengali culture is not complete. In Bangladesh also where more than 90 per cent of population follow Islam as their religion they celebrate Durgapuja as SHARADIYA UTSAV.
    I think all Bengali subscribers will definitely feel left out if they do not find any Greetings related to DURGA PUJA in this page. This is my request to Rishika Jain on behalf of all Bengalis that she should give it a serious thought.

  128. Hi Rishika !! A Heart touching story with Moral and Inspiration of that blind child and his father. Please tell me where is that story taken from ? Please give me the source… and we are making a short film on that. Please reply me.

  129. Hello Rishika …
    Really !!!! You have done Fantastic job at very less age and this proves that anyone get success in blogging because of positive thoughts. You not only done a good work but also have made you name as a brand in market.
    Good Job… Keep it up and achieve huge success in this field.

  130. Great work Rishika, you have really compile some great thoughts and quotes, I can see how much efforts you have put in since 2010 to make this blog so interesting and user friendly, great going, pls do keep sharing this wonderful quotes and pictures and keep us motivating.

    All the best.

  131. Your are doing Great Job by inspiring with your great quoates Awesom…
    keep going sharing wonderful quotes and Pirctures keep us inspring ….

  132. Hi Rishik – Awesome. Fabulous task doing by you and very good encouragement from your parents also.
    My day start with Good Morning quote and Inspirational quotes . every day night i will collect good one from your site and send it to my friends.

  133. Hi Rishika,

    I have subscribsed to your blog from 2010, have been six years now that I daily read all your nice thoughts of day!! Have never seen you though, would request you to upload your pic, if possible 🙂 Have a nice day!!!


  134. Hi Rishika,
    I’m really inspired by the content of the website.It’s moving and warm-hearted,and it’s a kind of invisible cure for a girl in the hospital.It’s extraordinary.Thanks a lot.
    Your sincerely,
    Natalia Ekaterina “Katy” Goncharova



  136. Dear Rishika and family
    I appreciate your such a yeoman service.
    You people help to masses in a unique way.

    God bless you!!

    – Avinash Vashistha

  137. Fantastic work by you and your parents. People like you make this world a better place to live. Great initiation and concern at so young age. Hats off! Keep up the good work. Feeling inspired 🙂 😉

  138. Hai Rishika,

    I was suprised to know that you are so young and appreciate the taught you got…your site not only inspire people but also boot the spirit of people who are feeling low…i really loved the collection..keep doing more and more..


  139. It is an important message you have given to us dear. and I would like say keep writing such a good inspirational quote and message as usual

  140. Dear Rishika,
    I am so happy to see that you and your parents have taken a good step to motivate others. You have always been a good student and inspired me to do my best when I became your teacher. Infact, I think I taught your brother as well ..Today as I was just browsing the net to get some images for Teachers day, I came across your card.. when I read your name, I was so happy to see this. You both were always helpful and kind students…. God bless the efforts that you are doing. Keep in touch.. will pray for you. My blessings are there..for you and your brother.

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