Reflection of your thoughts….

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Your Life is a Reflection of your thoughts. Every Second, Minute, Hour, Day – the thoughts which cross our mind with or without our awareness give shape up our life.

Good Thoughts , Good Life. Bad Thoughts, Bad Life. Angry Thoughts, Angry Life. Beautiful thoughts, Beautiful Life and Positive Thoughts , Positive Life.

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Canvas of Life….

Life Quotes, Pictures, Canvas of Life quotes, Love Quotes, Peace Quotes, Happiness QuotesThe Canvas of Life is waiting…… for some bright colours. Let us add some shades of Joy, Love, Peace and Happiness to it.

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Where will you reach Tomorrow

Present Quotes, Pictures, inspiration, inspirational quotes, inspirational pictures with quotes, inspire, joy, life,, motivation, motivational pictures with quotes,   trust, faith, believe, belief, self belief , inspiration, success quotesEvery king was once a crying baby and Every great building was once a map.
It’s not important where u r TODAY, BUT where you will reach TOMORROW.

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