Life is like a coin


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Life is like a coin…. Pleasure and pain are the two sides, Only one side is visible at time, But remember other side also waiting for its turn……….
Always remember that this too shall pass away…..
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4 Responses to Life is like a coin

  1. Madhu Menon says:

    It is indeed a great joy that little Rishika has been able to put in such great thoughts in her younger mind and it is really inspiring each and every ‘wonderful thoughts’ put in by her. I wish her all the best at all times and pray God to bless her with lots of joy and greater wisdom at all times… Madhu

  2. Alok Pradhan says:

    thanks for so inspiring quatoes.

  3. dinesh says:

    Really a nice collection of thought and inspiration too.
    Thanks a lot for such efforts.

  4. Nandini says:

    Its B’ful heart touching thought, Its awsome.

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