The Art of Life….


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Living in the favorable and unfavourable situations is called “PART OF LIFE”,
But smiling in all those situations is called “ART OF LIFE”.
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5 Responses to The Art of Life….

  1. Dr Nair says:

    Very nice. My best wishes; I hope the blog becomes very popular. The three birds forming a face is nice though it is a created one – but birds do manage to make extraordinary images, “V” being the commonest. Similarly clouds and stellar arrangements assemble into images that our minds are familiar with though there is no such order in the Universe. Great start, Rishika.

  2. S Srinivasan says:

    Dear Ruchika,
    I sincerely appreciate your initiative at this young age.
    I wish you contentment in all your endeavors.

    (A friend of your father)

  3. Whether created or otherwise, three birds making a smiley is fantastic !

  4. anurag says:

    i think u done a fantabolus job from this blog ….i wish u performe best in life……..god bless u

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