Determination, Courage and Love….

Determination Quotes, Courage Quotes, Love Quotes, Thoughts Quotes, Inspirational Quotes and Motivational PicturesFill every Thought with Determination, every Step with Courage and every Word with Love …..

Thoughts are powerful.  With awareness you can shape your destiny. Thoughts become your Words….. Words become your Behavior….. Behaviors become your Habit….. Habits become your Values….. AND Values become your Destiny…
Thoughts Quotes – Inspirational Quotes and Motivational Pictures
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  1. May I use an image of yours for my school work?
    The image I want to use will only be used in my school work and nothing else. I realise that the image may have copyright laws attached and so I will definitely not being using it for commercial use.

    • Thank you for your query. Please feel free to use the image. Will appreciate if you could give credit . Thank you. Best wishes & Good Luck.


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