Four Beautiful Thoughts of Life….

FOUR beautiful thoughts of life:


Look back & get Experience!

Look Forward & See Hope!

Look Around & Find Reality!

Look within & Find Your self.

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The above picture so appropriately sums up the “beautiful thoughts of life” quote.
We all look at our past , contemplate on future. However We see the world as we are and not as the world is.
If we change the paradigm and contemplate on the beautiful quote above, we can discover the purpose of life and our own self…..
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119 Replies to “Four Beautiful Thoughts of Life….”

  1. excellent thoughts……..anyone can change his state of mind after reading these inspirational posts

  2. Really they are the best quotes I have ever read in my life keep it up and think new good thoughts for the next time

  3. Really Awesome Thoughts…. Nice ..
    You are doing excellent work…
    Thoughts are perfect and the best thing are the pics.. which are self explanatory…
    Thanks… *_*

  4. This thought not only inspire people, but make people think & act on above said.. very true for this generation.. If someone want to achieve something big in their life they have to apply this strategy in their life…

    Thanks Rishika..

  5. This is the hope for everyone who is depressed from his/her life.these thoughts give us inspiration to get again.

  6. nice thoughts….i like it…if we use this types of thoughts … than we’ll be 100% successful
    in our life…………..

  7. u know wat?? sumtymz few wrds r enough 2 inspire da spirit within……!!! n da best part iz ur thoughts possess it!!!!

  8. Really it is meaningful thought when we remembered the our past and realized the past invents that time only we will get success in a future.

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