Be strong enough to accept the challenges of life.


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Smooth roads never make good drivers!
Smooth sea never makes good sailors!
Clear Skies never make good pilots!
Problem free life never makes a strong & good person!
Be strong enough to accept the challenges of life.
Don’t ask Life
“Why me?”
Instead say
“Try Me!”
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14 Responses to Be strong enough to accept the challenges of life.

  1. ishan says:

    best lines for me…
    rishika i found myself weak in my problems… i afraid.. heart beats fasts…
    pls advise me..

    • vijay.c says:

      when heart beats fast means your active, if a person wins the race that time heart beats fast only. every winning moment the person should be like that, think different, read inspitrational quotes, if heart beat slows down means he is lazy, choose which type you are. my own quotes.
      “Don’t think for a solution behalf that try for a solution” it really works.



    I think that these are very big lines.these lines are the main idea of a happy life .these lines touch my heart-Mitlesh thakur

  3. vijay.c says:

    inspirational nicee

  4. gertrude maida says:

    i like reading your quotes they inspire me alot

  5. Maria jacinta Vaz says:

    The high seas of life areto be trod on to be the light a the end of the tunnel

  6. saskala Hansraj says:

    nice words….

  7. Arun B. Sodaye says:

    Dear Rishika Madam,
    “Be Strong enough to accept the Challanges of Life”, these beautiful words itself explains that every moment of life is a battle & every on has to face it with great courage. I am working on a project which is very challanging & If I win this challange these wonderful words I will remember for ever in my life.
    Thanks You Very Much & Regards

  8. Daniel Pascua says:

    A very practical tip, nuggets of truths for day to day guide! Love it!

  9. Saggie Padiachy says:

    i love reading the quotes of blessings it really uplifts my spirit and would like you to send me everyday an inspiritions message.

  10. Vitus Wandera says:

    I have everything I have read today and thank you!!.

  11. Very well said guys …. …

    very much impressed and inspired by this thought ,,

  12. We all know that with the help of some or the other person we start a move to the destination we have chosen but what about the person who has never even had a glimpse of a support but keeps working differently to reach to his destination ,, Even after being in public he is still alone ,,,just because of this deceiving world …..

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