Mahavir Swami’s Teachings


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Mahavir Swami’s Teachings

Always speak the truth
Control over oneself is very important
There is no point accumulating loads of wealth that you can’t even spend.
Be honest to all.
Follow the path of non violence.
Be compassionate towards living beings.

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  1. my name is himanshi arya. i am studying in carmel convent sr sec school, vi d roll no. 60.i want to ask you something, i lik this pictures vry much. can you send meall this pictures in my e.mail id? THAnk you

  2. hii! Jai Jinendra………… I like these pictures very much………… awesome thoughts these are n are really very inspiring…. :)…………………. U r doing a Fab. job……….thanksss

  3. jai jinendra
    always speak truth
    let ur life go
    god will give u one more
    donot thind of yourself
    think for others……….
    jainam jayte shashnam…………….

  4. Jai jinendra… Im basically a brahmin but im very much into jainism teachings, whenever im annoyed or im feeling low.. i feel very calm and composed when i look to mavir swami’s pictures.. It is a miraculous feeling.. Which i have never experienced anywhere else!!! Jai mahaveer,,,mjai jinendra

    • Jai Jinendra – Thank you so much for visiting our site…. Wish you happiness and peace. Pls do share with friends and family….

  5. is idol worship allowed in Jain?
    if yes then the idol worship is based on what, i mean is it said it by the Mahavir Swami by it self? or its been mentioned in some holy book?
    or is it that Jainism is a self journey and get the liberation and achieve salvation? being confused because im being reading and learning about Mahavira swami ji, so what im being understand and what i am being seen around temples and idol worships are totally confusing me.
    what is the reality?


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