If your business keeps you so busy……….


Time Quotes, William J.H. Boetcker Quotes, Pictures,  Wisdom Quotes, Pictures and Insightful ThoughtsIf your business keeps you so busy that you have no time for anything else, there must be something wrong, either with you or with your business. ~ William J.H. Boetcker

Are you running short of time? Do you often find yourself telling people that ‘I just don’t get enough time!!!’ … If so then just take a step back and reflect on how are you really spending your time.. In today’s fast paced and information overloaded – world – there are numerous distractions waiting to grab your time and attention… Are you falling prey to these? Are you spending your time on your top priorities? Keep questioning and you will gradually find the answer…..

Remember your time is your most precious resource… Don’t give it away just like that….

Time / Wisdom Quotes – Wisdom Quotes, Pictures and Insightful Thoughts

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5 Responses to If your business keeps you so busy……….

  1. shambhu kajavadra says:

    great… inspiration. i like this very much. thanks

  2. meenakshi says:

    this is the best website i have ever visited i am a big fan of this, the images and quotes make me feel like i am in some other world,
    Rishika great job

  3. Belen says:

    hello Rishika,

    thank you very much for Inspiring quotes. I really like them, It helps me a lot in knowing deeper my own self.

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