True Friendship…. ~ Quotes-Pictures

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When you are up in life…
Your friends get to know who you are….
When you are down in life…
You get to know who your friends are…




Friendship Quotes– Inspirational Quotes, Motivational Thoughts and Pictures


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16 Replies to “True Friendship…. ~ Quotes-Pictures”

  1. whoever my friends are, i am so lucky to have them in my life.upon who i may have angried, if he/she once tell me that he/she missed me , then i will surely forgive them.

  2. I Like my friend , cause he make my world colorful ,make me everyday happy , he understand me , and never live me alone despite of all.That is my friend : ARICK

  3. friendship is the most precious orm of life my bestest friend PRIDHI is a precious gift of my life… i dont wanna los her i lu her alote <3 <3 :*

  4. i thing best frnds is that prsn who spoted u that time when u was alone ……nd only the prsn see your pain your eyes….i realy thank my frands..nidhi,priyanka,meenakshi,navjeet ,kusum,kavita ,ashu….with lovly smile….

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