Best friends remember when you say….

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Best friends remember when you say to forget it. They’ll wait forever when you say just a minute. they know something’s wrong when you say whatever. That’s how you know your best friends forever.

Friendship Quotes– Inspirational Quotes, Motivational Thoughts and Pictures.

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5 Replies to “Best friends remember when you say….”

  1. Me and my best friend charity hough have been bestfriends since 8th Grade I was remisnising about the good ole days in middle School and high school I miss those days and i miss my best friend it’s been 9years that’sthe longest i’ve ever had a bestfriend . I hope we stay Best friends forever. it would be sad and hard to not have each other.thank you God for sending me such a good crazy friend. with celine Dion Disease torture. we’ve been through the good the bad and the ugly and hopefully many more journeys to explore. life is a moving target you never know what to exspect have fun live your life. life is to short to nag and complain.and be bitter and worry don’t be a moaning murtle or eyore a party pooper nobody like’s that shit get over that. anyway’s well g2g I’m so sleepy bored ready to go back to sleep.

    1. Hey, Christene

      It has been the greatest pleasure to be your best friend of 9 years. I will never stop being your friend no matter how far you go. I wil hate to see you move but for your safety I completely understand. May God keep his hand on you everyday. May he send an angel of protection so no harm will come unto you. We have been threw it all from a-z. Including all the men we liked and never got around to see if they like us back. Be brave and have the gut’s to follow your heart. I love you and miss you take care and God bless…forever and ever will i be your friend. Love Always, Charity (Yin) u were (Yan)

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