Swami Vivekananda said:::::::


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Swami Vivekananda said:

“Talk to yourself atleast once in a Day.. Otherwise you may miss a meeting with an            EXCELLENT person in this World…”~ rishikajain.com

Swami-Vivekananda Quotes
– Inspirational Quotes, Pictures and Thoughts

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19 Responses to Swami Vivekananda said:::::::

  1. bhushan chhapekar says:

    i like all the rules of swmiji’s .i am so much inspirare to reading these rules.
    thanks lot of.

  2. pradeep kumar b k says:

    i love swami vivekananda, he was my roll model. He was geat person whose deeds followed his words. He was real god for me

  3. Naganath Anandwade says:

    we should have good humanity,and simpathy in all, we should reallise the purpose of our life, we should give a very good message to the society.

  4. Digvijay maravi says:

    I like so much all the thought of respected swami ji
    Swami ji is a person who motivate me in each condition
    I believe than my God is like vivekanand.

  5. baly says:

    i m fully agree with all quotes

  6. great thought by great people are always helpful for happiness………………thanks swami vivekanand

  7. sachin kumar says:

    i like picture given by you on swami vivekananda….

  8. rajeev ranjan says:

    i dont believe in god, but 4 me only three god in ths world, father,mother and swamivivekanand. i always try to follow these rules

  9. rama says:

    quotes are really nnice

  10. i really love him a lot bcoz he given us such quotes, by those only we can make our life like a beautyful garden

  11. Chaitany says:

    A true & honesty person think like this. All our politicians must read swamiji’s quotes at least once a day, so that they may change themselves & Change our country.

  12. satish kumar says:

    i always stimulate omniscientmonk vivekananda.he is actuatedperson of todayisyouth/

  13. Lalita DS says:

    Swami vivekananda’s thoughts are the secret of my success.thank you my dear brother…….

  14. M V.Tharun kumar says:

    So maney gods in this world…but the 1 and only god for me is swami vivekananda.yes his words and thoughts rings through the entire world forever and ever like a sun…2.8.13

  15. kashi dalawai says:

    I salute to swami vivekananda because bec ause his one of the begst of the best
    young holder

  16. YAGNESH PATEL says:

    Swami vivekananda’s thoughts are the secret of my success

  17. Munna Kumar says:

    Great golden incarnativr…

  18. Murugan g says:

    Swami vivekanandar is Great legend. . Of In the world. . .

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